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Hi. Hello. Greetings. Welcome.
Since I have successfully figured out how to do these things, I will go ahead and give it another go. I already did a P.O specified SSG, but I'll go ahead and state now that I'll be doing more of just Block B and then other groups as well. So wooooooooooo!
Check out my Screen Shot Game collection for more!
Without further ado, enjoy this Pirate scenario!
10/10 best cinematic plot twist in all of human existence
my god
what is happening
i'm down
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
That's it for now!
Thanks for participating and such. Feel free to leave any requests in the comment section so I have more ideas to work on :^).
Honey B Squad:
Tagging my Fellow BBCs:
See ya around~!
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Lol I made a card!! 😁😁