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Damn we're here already?! The double digits! Wow. Anyway let me know if you want to be tagged to part 11 :D
**Previously On The Boy Next Door**
You look into his eyes as he looks at the ground.
You recognized a certain feature of his. His smile.
You freaked a bit...
'OMG' You said in thought. ***FLASHBACK*** Back in 2nd grade, There was this boy. He used to bully you. A lot. He would call you names, He would pull your hair, mess with your clothes, hit you countless times. He always made you cry. No matter what he did. One day, He passed your breaking point. There was this boy who you had a little crush on for about 2 months or so. You briefly remembered how you picked up this pretty white flower. You saw him sitting down eating his fruit snacks as his cute little legs rocked back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. You waddled towards him until the bully walked towards you. He took your flower and ripped it apart into little pieces, Threw the extra pieces on the floor and stomped all over it. He smiled to see you cry. The same exact smile as Taehyung. "You will regret everything you ever did to me." You yelled. "This is not the last of KIM TAEHYUNG!!!" He exaggerated. **PRESENT TIME** "Taehyung..." You whispered. He looks at you with concern. "Did you happened to grab a flower and rip it into pieces from grade school." "Uh no.. Doesn't ring a bell." He says. He blinks a few times before looking into your eyes widely. "Oh My God.... Y-Yo... You were that girl.. I am-" "No need to apologize Taehyung. Just remember that I was really hurt and that I have been kind of 'mental' in the head since then." He just simply frowns and saddens his face. He leans towards you with some awkwardness. "I'm very sorry. I was just a jerk than. I was very immature as a kid." You stood up and look at the guys. Taehyung stands next to you as he asks you, "By the way, What is up with you and Yoongi?" "Just nothing. Forget it Taehyung." You whispered. You walk outside to see the sky. Very dull but grey. It started to sprinkle then start to pour rain. It was cats and dogs. You walk under a roof and sit there, curled up in a little ball. You looked over in front of you. You see Yoongi walking out the gym. Jenna, out of nowhere, appeared. You hid behind a tree. You try to make out the words they said. But it was very hard to hear. *YOONGI POV* "Hey Jenna.." I spoke. She looks at me very oddly. "Are you okay?" I asked her. "I'm fine.." She sighs. "We need to talk Jenna. I have heard a few things about you. It seems you have a crush on me.. is it true?" I notice her cheeks getting red by the minute.. she looked a bit sweaty. I would be the nice guy but.. I just can't with this girl. "Well.. To be honest.. Yes, Yes I do. I really like you. I am in love with you Min Yoongi." She confessed. "Woah Woah Woah.. In love?? You? In love with me? But you act like a bitch towards me and all my friends. How the fuck are you in love with me?" She explains, "I don't know.. I guess I'm just acting like a little girl.. I pick on you because I really take interest in you." 'This bitch', I thought. "Well that's cute but that doesn't explain my friends either and also the fact that you flirt with Jungkook sometimes. And Jimin too but everyone likes Jimin." "I don't know.. I guess it's cause they call me names. Well actually.. Only Jungkook calls me that. And.. you too.." She says with a frown. Why do I feel sorry for her? "Then how are you in love with me? I called you a bitch many times. You shouldn't like a guy who calls you a bitch. That guy isn't right for you." Jenna shrugs slightly. "Well I don't know. I like you and I love you. I have feelings for you. But the thing I want to know is.. Do you have feelings for me?" She asks. I feel sick to my stomach. Pain in my head and the dizzy feeling around me. I need to tell her the truth. "Well.. I am very sorry. You are a wonderful girl. But to answer your question. No. I don't have any romantic or sexual feelings towards you. I see you as another girl. I'm sure you'll find someone better. Someone who loves you and will treat you like the princess you are." I tried not to chuckle. This girl is a princess. But a spoiled princess. She starts to tear up a bit and soon.. crying so many tears. "Why? Why don't you like me?" She asks with a weak voice. "I have feelings.. for another girl. I'm sorry." "Is she prettier then me? Does she have bigger boobs then me? What is it? What do you like about her? What does she have that I don't?" She asked. " She is the sweetest person ever. She is beautiful of course. She is smart and funny and cool and treats everyone way better than you ever will." Jenna smirks. "Well.. I don't want to be involved in your life anymore. Goodbye." She walks away quickly with tears coming out of her eyes out the gate as the sound of her heels died down. I sighed. *YOUR POV* You slowly walk away from the tree and towards Yoongi. "Are you okay?" You asked. "Splendid." He sighed. "How did it go? With Jenna?" You asked. He looks down with a frown. he sighs. "Well.. I told her that I don't like her. I think she took it better then expected but she did shed a few tears. I feel really bad now. But whatever at least she isn't bothering me now." "How did you tell her?" "Well... I told her I had feelings for someone else." You thought to yourself, 'What?! Feelings? Someone else?' "You like someone?? Who?" "Well..." He stops. He looks into your eyes as he leans in a bit close. You blush hardly as you couldn't speak. You felt the butterflies a bit. 'Why do I feel this feeling?' "You (Y/N).. I like you." He whispers. He looks at your lips then into your eyes. Out of no where, footsteps could be heard. He quickly steps back a bit. You both look over to see Jungkook. "Hey! You guys will get catch a cold if you both stay out here." He yells. He runs over to you with a smile. He wraps his arm around your shoulders. "I'll meet you guys inside." He says. He walks inside with his hands in his pockets. "So how was it with Jenna?" Jungkook wondered. "Good.." You said. "Babe, Why don't we go inside? It's a bit cold." "Alright let's go." He says with a smile as he kisses your forehead. 'Yoongi.. likes me..' You thought as you head inside. 'He likes me..'
Anyway I hope you loved it <3
yay!!! I missed this story!!!! I'm glad it wasn't forgotten ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜„
Of course not! I was just busy with school and everything but I certainly have not forgot about Vingle!
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