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DAY 44 - Who do you ship?



I have always been a big NaLu shipper, ever since I started the Fairy Tail series. They are a pair that "most" ship but haven't seen much progress between. Some ship Natsu with Lisanna but not me, I'm not a fan of Lisanna. She's kind of just there... There are all kinds of ships for all of the Fairy Tail character. Natsu X Erza Lucy X Gray Lucy X Loki Levy X Gajeel <3 Erza X Jellal Gray X Juvia Laxis X Mirajane Wendy X Romeo Evergreen X Elfman And so on....... But my favorite ship that I know hasn't become a couple yet is NaLu. I ship them so hard! They have their moments, where your just like DO SOMETHING! But, nothing ever does. Ever since the beginning of this anime, I have shipped them. When Lucy got her guild mark and showed Natsu. When (SPOILER ALERT) future Lucy dies and Natsu gets the flashback of when she first got her guild mark and shows him with a bright smile. He then cries while thinking about nothing but protecting Lucy's future. That is probably my favorite NaLu moment. 2nd favorite moment was in the Phoenix movie when Lucy is crying and Natsu comforts her by hugging her. It's so cute and is my favorite picture of them both. Another funny/cute moment is when they are told to kiss, Natsu tries to kiss Lucy and she gets shy, grabs Happy and Natsu and Happy kiss XD.... Funniest scene! I can tell that Lucy clearly likes Natsu and Natsu is a little dense and probably doesn't even know what love is. But, I feel like he has deep feelings for Lucy.

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments who YOUR ship is!

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@alliepetey I ship Wendy with someone else and no problem.
There's a lot, but I've never been so frustrated as I have with Nalu. And Jerza is right after that
NALU forever!!!
That list, is way too long...but I agree with this(^v^)
I've got a loooooong list I'll just name three whiterose nalu naruhina