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Aww, it's Jasper! How are you ya sweet, wittle cheese puff? n.n
Looks like Steven is going through his "rebellious" phase. (Doin' a darn good job of it there partner)
This just makes me love Jasper even more.
She's so desperate for approval and validation and Steven couldn't give less of one. This needs to be an episode after Jasper's redemption arc.
There will be a redemption arc.
(Crewniverse better make it happen)
But real talk, I don't Jasper's getting a redemption arc. With the way they're laying out the show, real talk, it wouldn't make much sense unless the Crewniverse moved mountains.

Real Talk

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Jasper kind of looks like an 80s hair metal singer lol.
In light of the most recent episode, I really want to take this down
my baby....
@Priscillasdoor Ikr, I have to do a whole card just for her 馃槶
thank you bless you 馃槩