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Hey everyone! it's Reporter Taemi here, I'm going to share part 2 of my fanfic 'Bad Love' with you all! I hope you enjoy reading this! 》Here is Part 1

Happy Reading! ♡

Chapter 2:

-We Meet Again-Your POV: 《 Just when I thought everything was going to be smooth, I see Yoongi across the classroom from me. Ugh! I couldn't stand the sight of him. Then he had the nerve to smirk at me. What are you up to now Min Yoongi? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ While you guys are in class, Yoongi suddenly stares at you for a minute. You turn your head to look at him, he turns his head quick so you wouldn't notice him staring at you. You thought, that was strange. He thought, "mmm she kinda looks good..". An hour passed, the bell rang,  and the teacher telling everyone have a nice day and don't forgot to bring in a essay about how you feel about bullying. Everyone is gathering their things and left the classroom. You walk out into the hallway crowded full of students, standing by the lockers talking, playing in the hallway, some trying to get to their next class, etc. You see yoongi's best friends run up to him excited to see him. "Aye yo suga! Wussup man!" His friends yelled. They have been best friends since elementary school and his nickname name is "Suga", which they been calling him that ever since then. You never understood why they called him Suga because he was never a sweet person. While you walk to get to your next class, suddenly your best friend since kindergarten, Ailee runs up to you with a big smile on her face, happy to see you. "Heyy Y/n !! I'm glad to see you, I missed you girlie!" She hugs you tightly. You say, "Ailee your killing me!" As you laugh at her and smiled. Ailee finally let's go laughing saying opps sorry. "I'm glad to see you too, even though we damn near see each other everyday". You both laughed. "Let me see your schedule y/n, I want to see if we have some classes together" You give her your schedule and she looks over it. "Omo! We have most of the classes together in the same period! And we have B lunch together!" Ailee says with excitement. You were happy that you guys had the same classes together. You wanted her by your side all the time. "Hey (y/nickname) come with me to my locker real quick, I have to get my books out of my locker" said Ailee. "Let's hurry I don't want us to be late for class" you said. So while you two are at the locker, you see Yoongi and his friends walking by. One of yoongi's buddys, Namjoon, said "Aye yoongi here go yo boo over there!" Him and the guys laughed. Yoongi had a irritated look on his face, "ya! Stop playing with me you ass!" He said sounding mad. His friends are staring at you, his friends waved at you and Ailee saying hey! Really loud. "Hey you guys!" Both you and Ailee said waving back at them. Except for yoongi of course, he turned his head, still walking. "There go yo baby y/n!"Ailee said joking around. "He is not my baby! Stop saying that Ailee!" You said a little irritated but laughed a little too. 》Yoongi & his friends (BTS) POV:Namjoon: Aye bro why do you always get mad everytime we mention y/n? She's a nice girl. She's cool man. Loosen up! SeokJin: yeah man I never understood why you hated her so much and always picked on her too. Jimin: Be nice to her for once will ya! She's not ugly, she got a good personality, and she's so smart! Hoseok: Ya suga, you don't know what your missing , I would totally date her. Shidd I like her! *smiles brightly* *The guys laughed* Jungkook: you guys.. I don't think you should piss hyung off.. you know y/n is a touchy subject.. Taehyung: I think Yoongi always liked her! Yoongi: YA! that's enough! I don't want to hear it, shut up! Hours passed, it's lunch time! You and Ailee are walking down the hallway, on the way to the lunchroom. You see kids running in the hallway, trying to get to the lunchroom and in line before the line gets longer. "These are some greedy ass kids" you thought. Ailee laughed at you, agreeing with you. So you guys finally made it to the lunchroom. Yall standing in the line, waiting to get your food. Your stomach made a weird noise "grrr". "Someone is hungry" said ailee. So out of nowhere, a tall figure approached from behind you, tapping your shoulder.
You turned around to see Wonsik standing there. You were surprised because you haven't saw him since middle school. "Sup y/n" he said smiling at you. "Omg hey Wonsik! How you been?" You said with excitement. "I been good. What about you? You looking good ma, I haven't seen you in so long" Wonsik said. "I been fine, you look good too", you laughed. Wonsik reaches out his arms saying, "well can I get a hug?", He says as he smiles at you. You were a bit surprised but you gave him a hug. He sees Ailee right by your side, "Sup ailen!" "Ailee turns around so fast, "Omg Ravi is that you?! Hey big head!" They both gave each other a hug too. We are all good friends . Ravi is his nickname everyone used to call him in middle school. Anyway, you laughed at both of them because of the nicknames they  call each other. "You still calling me ailen?" Ailee laughed. Ravi shook his head "yep". So after awhile you guys, got your food and sat at the lunch table far in the back, away from the other students. While everyone is talking to each other, you were in deep thought, while you were eating. 》Your POV:《 Damn.. Ravi just came out of nowhere. I haven't seen him in so long. We were good friends in middle school. I can't believe I used to like him.. he was  my first love. But I thought it seemed pretty one-sided honestly. Idk how it started. When I first saw him, I just fell for him. He is so sexy and tall.. but then all that stopped when I found out he was a player. I lost interest in him a long time ago. I even witnessed him playing girls from left to right. Lying to them, just breaking girls hearts. It was terrible. I couldn't believe I liked someone like that. Plus I remember some girl coming up to me telling me that he said I was ugly or something. I didn't want to believe it. But that's why I thought it was one-sided? Plus he never noticed me. When I found out that he knew Ailee, Ailee was telling him about me. I guess that's how we became friends. From there, I didn't know if he had some type of feelings for me or not. Not sure if he knew that I liked him. But it doesn't matter now.  Now it's just awkward seeing him. I feel weird. *snap! snap! snap!* Ailee snapped her fingers in my face, trying to get me to snap out of my thoughts. "Ya! Ya! Y/n, girl what in the world are you thinking about?" Ailee says laughing at me. I snapped back to reality, "oh I'm good.. it's nothing haha" Across from your table, yoongi and his buddys walked towards to the table with their food. They started eating like animals. You know how boys eat. While they were eating and talking,  Yoongi happened to look across the lunchroom to see you and Ailee. Suddenly, Ravi shows up at your table with his food. He sits down next to you. You guys are talking and smiling. Yoongi stops eating, he has this confused look on his face. "Is that who I think it is? Wonsik?" He said in this mind. The guys all looked at Yoongi. "What's wrong man?", Namjoon asks him. Yoongi just looks at you and Ravi talking. What was he thinking about? To be Continued....
What do you guys think?? Comment down below! I hope everyone enjoyed my story. Be on the look out for part 3, next week! Annyeong! :) ♡ *Photos does not belong to KpopINT. Creds to the rightful owners.

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What a lovely story. Enjoying ot immensely Tag me please !
Ravi and Yoongi!?! the most angsty, sexy men in kpop?! YESS PLEASE!!! @kpopINT I am here for all of this!!!
I'm glad you are enjoying it 😄💗 @MelissaGarza -Taemi🐱
I'm so enjoying this story. I can sense a love triangle in the future 😀