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Bodyslam, another great Thai rock band.... Some of the lyrics: Time moves slowly but it keeps ticking Collect all the bad days as a reminder for your heart Even a love that had to end No matter what, still remains beautiful And in the end, life still has to move forward...again However as much I loved you then I still love you as much now But life has to go on I loved you the most then I still love you with all my heart now I've never regretted having loved you in my life
@Aero2042 your words reflex's my own feelings about music. To me, music is the universal language, we might not comprehend the words being sung but the melody is what moves us and to me that's quite powerful...
I love this style of music. KPOP is good in its own way, but these songs have a special kind of feeling. I listen to songs in all different kinds of languages. The feeling I get through the song is what makes me fall in love with the music even if I can't understand it.