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Today what I bring to the picnic I a very controversial topic. I'm talking about Loli-con. I would like to know is do you guys consider people who like loli pedophiles. For those who don't know loli-con is basically girls (usually) who appear to be prepubescent. Loli means little girl so that does NOT mean they are under 18. So what do you guys think is someone who likes Loli a pedophile? Why or why not? DEBATE!!!! The people I tagged: @hikaymm @Mcboss @mymi @JaeneashaJones @LittleAika @Majestical @JayaBlush @otakukpoper @xxxanimewolfxxx @BrookeVerel @skygrinderdrive @ZephyrBlaze @ComicGeek94 @LateefMolette @AichaBangoura @TheQuietComic @JuanSantiago @BlackFawn @Minekidz @NickMcCormick @lovelikematoi @Gibbous1992 @dnwaozuzu @LunaticIssei @BelleofRay @BryceTerao @NathashaXavier @xero0 @H8rt4u @breannemma12 @TheRedWolf35 @JimenaChiquito @ElaineMcgarden @Alletaire @Gajeel122 @BlackXShield @MoisEsGaray @Beanerific321 @nicocoup @akashilover @Mikazuki1 @micahirene @mayarich03 @Brooke2684 @ZavianHarper @MarcusCollins @Nueoc @cjrose23 @JaelynBailey @OGv6FATE @slatedunamas @NickDabon @Animemittens @Tylor619 @MicSam691 @Bestfluteever @bdburich627 @GUMMYB34RZz @jeremimzy17 @MaddyScoop @YeseniaF @FalseLove @PoisonFlower @CoryWilkening @DemonAngel522 @artrix1994 @Bmondragon93 @Gracielou0717 @TakamiRen @JeffHarvey @NaBi7 @DorianBeil @yulissab2015 @AnimeDragon @MikeCopersito @AnbuRose @CandyApple22 @kimnam94 @Max2016 @MisakiNanase @Moonpie15b @MichaelCochran @Silverfang @JackiStyles @MorganAlys @SarahVanDorn @Xgnsouls16 @DaWayneHoskins @AdreannaLyn @reyestiny93 @Azulto @SymoneBelcher @KiNg4LiFe @JayKumor @Scrltrose @reaper412 @TehDL @JaredDaigre @ErzaAsuka @DanielOsorio @AimeBolanos @SantaraJones @DanieWilkins @WinterWolf027 @SimplyAwkward @JessicaChaney @JFrost @Lisanna10 @arnelli @Nyan @KrisTheFreak @MiyukiKawaii @saber1 @nimm14 @PiplupBlue @tbanj97 @NikkoNikole @LadyLuna @animerg13 @BloodNigh345t @Alcides13 @lexysan @TonyTonyChopper @doggyrainbow88 @TylerCassalata @Sabertooth @Andrewmicaletti @KennyMcCormick @IsaiahByrdII @AllieGrabowski @HaleyWilson666 @raikage00 @TylerCinamella @FaithMorrison @isssc1100 @StephenMorse @JesusVillarreal @ctsr1 @MzDawson31508 @RamonPizarro @NessaB @jamesyoungs @AyanaRowe @MichaelPeltier @ShakirBishop @norseman @LeshelleHoward @AnimeFreak484 @MasonBurt @Priscillasdoor @rhanes @SarahSutcliff @CoraBost @KeeganMayfield @TejahPeters @LCordz @MimmiBumble01 @MalcolmAllen @Flare4522 @ArtCrazy @HiwaRasul @Imagide @DomenicNardella
If we are talking about loli as in "small but not under aged" then I don't see anything wrong. And well I kinda believe in "there is no age in love" but I think there are limits, you know, because the mentality of both are very different. And well the under aged person in the relationship is not allowed to grow in the way they are supposed to, they won't enjoy their youth because at early age already are in a relationship. In my opinion you only get in a relationship when you are already think you want to spend the rest of one's life with that person, not just for sex or money. And the other already adult could probably have a ah different purpose in mind for what to do with that person. Not in every case of course, I know someone who got married at the age of 21 and the person's partner is 10 years older and are still married after 50 years. But I mean I wouldn't call ALL them pedophiles. In other words, it all depends on the perspective and how the relationship is.
uhm, for correction, Lolicon is a person who likes lolis, so Lolicon =/= Loli. Literally in the real world, yes it would be very wrong to like little pre pubescent girls. But usually in animes, it comes with a twist that the girl that seems prepubescent is actually of an acceptable age. For instance, a 20+ year old loli is acceptable. The lolicon on the other hand, I can't seem to relate them to pedophiles since they didn't exploit any lolis, and always asked for consent from the lolis. Real life pedophiles are violent, forceful and sick because they emotionally blackmail kids into doing sexual things. So in my opinion, lolicon =/= pedophiles
I agree with @LittleAika . in anime there is always some twist or hidden fact that make it acceptable. Sure the idea seems close to that of a pedophile in general terms but you could say that about a strong love for animal like character being like beastiality, especially when they are sometimes reduced to their more primal form. Yet, there is a difference as there is one with lolicon and pedophiles.
Well me being confused or not... I still think is ok, in a way. Is just reading everyone's comments just lost me completely. But, no matter I don't mind go out with a Lol. That's all I can say 😅
@Nyan @SimplyAwkward aww no problemo you two :3
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