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Nakama picnic: August 3rd
Today what I bring to the picnic I a very controversial topic. I'm talking about Loli-con. I would like to know is do you guys consider people who like loli pedophiles. For those who don't know loli-con is basically girls (usually) who appear to be prepubescent. Loli means little girl so that does NOT mean they are under 18. So what do you guys think is someone who likes Loli a pedophile? Why or why not? DEBATE!!!! The people I tagged: @hikaymm @Mcboss @mymi @JaeneashaJones @LittleAika @Majestical @JayaBlush @otakukpoper @xxxanimewolfxxx @BrookeVerel @skygrinderdrive @ZephyrBlaze @ComicGeek94 @LateefMolette @AichaBangoura @TheQuietComic @JuanSantiago @BlackFawn @Minekidz @NickMcCormick @lovelikematoi @Gibbous1992 @dnwaozuzu @LunaticIssei @BelleofRay @BryceTerao @NathashaXavier @xero0 @H8rt4u @breannemma12 @TheRedWolf35 @JimenaChiquito @ElaineMcgarden @Alletaire @Gajeel122 @BlackXShield @MoisEsGaray @Beanerific321 @nicocoup @akashilover @Mikazuki1 @micahirene @mayarich03 @Brooke2684 @ZavianHarper @MarcusCollins @Nueoc @cjrose23 @JaelynBailey @OGv6FATE @slatedunamas @NickDabon @Animemittens @Tylor619 @MicSam691 @Bestfluteever @bdburich627 @GUMMYB34RZz @jeremimzy17 @MaddyScoop @YeseniaF @FalseLove @PoisonFlower @CoryWilkening @DemonAngel522 @artrix1994 @Bmondragon93 @Gracielou0717 @TakamiRen @JeffHarvey @NaBi7 @DorianBeil @yulissab2015 @AnimeDragon @MikeCopersito @AnbuRose @CandyApple22 @kimnam94 @Max2016 @MisakiNanase @Moonpie15b @MichaelCochran @Silverfang @JackiStyles @MorganAlys @SarahVanDorn @Xgnsouls16 @DaWayneHoskins @AdreannaLyn @reyestiny93 @Azulto @SymoneBelcher @KiNg4LiFe @JayKumor @Scrltrose @reaper412 @TehDL @JaredDaigre @ErzaAsuka @DanielOsorio @AimeBolanos @SantaraJones @DanieWilkins @WinterWolf027 @SimplyAwkward @JessicaChaney @JFrost @Lisanna10 @arnelli @Nyan @KrisTheFreak @MiyukiKawaii @saber1 @nimm14 @PiplupBlue @tbanj97 @NikkoNikole @LadyLuna @animerg13 @BloodNigh345t @Alcides13 @lexysan @TonyTonyChopper @doggyrainbow88 @TylerCassalata @Sabertooth @Andrewmicaletti @KennyMcCormick @IsaiahByrdII @AllieGrabowski @HaleyWilson666 @raikage00 @TylerCinamella @FaithMorrison @isssc1100 @StephenMorse @JesusVillarreal @ctsr1 @MzDawson31508 @RamonPizarro @NessaB @jamesyoungs @AyanaRowe @MichaelPeltier @ShakirBishop @norseman @LeshelleHoward @AnimeFreak484 @MasonBurt @Priscillasdoor @rhanes @SarahSutcliff @CoraBost @KeeganMayfield @TejahPeters @LCordz @MimmiBumble01 @MalcolmAllen @Flare4522 @ArtCrazy @HiwaRasul @Imagide @DomenicNardella
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the definition I normally see is a girl that is far younger then the guy past what is normal customs. so this could be a 15 year old girl and an 19 old boy or a 22 girl and 40 man. depending on what country one is illegal and one is not. also in the countries that is legal it is still debatable if it's a loli or not.
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loli's are like tricycles. Just because they look under age doesn't mean you can't ride them, but no, I'm not a fan lol
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you're not a murderer until you murder; you're not a pedophile until you sexual abuse children. If you like them and don't do anything I'll tolerate you; If you like them and abuse them you can die.
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As a 22 year old, I work a warehouse job ect., it's best to be as blameless in our personal lives as much as possible. Its not good that younger female characters are given sex appeal. Fate Stay Night Illya OVA I speak of you. To sum it up, just be careful.
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if we wanna get techinal the term lolita was first introduced by Vladimir Nabokov who wrote a book with the main character is or was trying to hav a relationship with a girl that is about 10 yrs old.
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