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Here we are with my favorite time of the week, Waifu Wednesday! And this week's theme is Idol Edition, and after a very tough debate with myself I've chosen..Minami Katayama! From the anime Wake Up, Girls!
Now I just recently started watching this show, I've never heard of it before just happened to come across it and boy was I not disappointed! From the 1st instant Minami appeared I was like yup, I love her! She is so cute and funny and by far the cutest tiger I've ever seen! and she is awesome at those claw grabbing games!
She seems as if she has a bottomless stomach because she is always eating and alot at a time too! I love girls with big appetites! She started as as a folk song singer for an elderly home when she was scouted to join WUG (Wake Up, Girls) She is always full of energy and has been described as being like the sun shinning down on a field of flowers! I guess you could call her "the little sister" of the group.
If you haven't watched this show then I recommend that you do! I still haven't finished it yet but I just started and I'm loving everything about it! It seems to me how the road to be an Idol really is! Well that's all for now and let's give some more love to Minami once more♡♡♡♡ Tagging the WW peeps below! @hikaymm @blackoutzj @InVinsybll @slimbrown13 @majahnnelson @PASCUASIO @AshChrimson @aidangiannattas @tylor619cruz @voidx @janxsalas @jessicaferrier @SAMURXAI @otakudemon10 @kawaiiporpoise @kurosakijess @marcuscollins @asuramina @biancadanica98
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