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Who:Reader x Byun Baekhyun What: Semi Angst, Fluff. (Warning: Guys I'm sorry I wanted this to stay fluff but I couldn't resist one sex scene. Fluff only works for one-shots with me apparently) Chapter 3 Story: You were happy with your idol boyfriend until the day came when your relationship became public and you started receiving harsh words and death threats from fans of his. Although you could careless what other people thought, Byun Baekhyun thought it would keep you safe to end the relationship. It's five years later and only one thing has changed....
Y/N's POV Baekhyun made sure he was around frequently, sometimes even spending time with Minhae and Jongdae at the same time. It wasn't that he hated Jongdae for being a father figure to Minhae but he was still jealous of him. You never once asked Jongdae to do the things he did for you two but Baekhyun saw it as an unfair advantage. Jongdae knew you were pregnant he had the choice of being around for her and he chose to be. Baekhyun wanted to make up for the missed years but you could tell he wanted more he wanted his family. You could see it when he left the house, he didn't want to be away from her; he wanted Jongdae around her even less. He'd never ask Jongdae to stay away though and a few times you thought of asking him to back off for a little while but Minhae knew him, she was familiar with him. By God, this child was the smartest little human being you ever knew, she would question him up and down why he wasn't around. She knew when Jongdae didn't come around he was busy at work and if he didn't stop by he'd make it a habit to call at least once out of the week to check up on you two. This little girl knew Jongdae like the back of her hand even Jongdae knew if he neglected to call or come by she'd question him thoroughly. She only knew so much as a five year old but she had your stubbornness trait she'd ask till she was satisfied. This was the same condition with Baekhyun, she was familiar with him just after a few weeks. Everytime he dropped by you'd have no choice but to let him in the house to see her. You stuck to your guns, avoiding his touch and kisses as much as possible. This wasn't about you falling in love with him again this was about letting Minhae get to know her father even if she didn't know he was her daddy. That didn't stop Baekhyun from trying, he'd get her ready for bed and sing her to sleep just like a real father should. He made her his baby girl, that's what she was. Minhae had a crush on Jongdae that was just too adorable for words but when it came to Baekhyun you could tell her love for him was different. It was like she already knew he was her dad. She'd slap her little hands on his face and stare at him before laughing and going back to playing with her toys. She knew that face looked like hers and she liked it. When Baekhyun would come to you just after she fell asleep, he'd try to hold you. Sometimes you'd escape his grasp but he was becoming more crafty in how he snuck up on you. He would hold you from behind and kiss your neck sending shivers through your body before asking, "When can I spend the day with her?" You'd always answer with, "Not yet." You knew he wanted her for the day but you had a fear: when people saw Baekhyun out in the open, when the cameras took pictures of her and him together, she would become known to the world. Aside from when he picked her up the one day you couldn't get out of work, they hadn't been seen in public together, it was always just at your house. The comfort of your home where no one else could see the way he looked at her. Damn him for being an idol, if he were anything else you two never would've broken up. You wouldn't have had to hide that you were pregnant from him. He wanted so bad to be with her and you wanted to give that to him but she was before you, before him, before anything else. Her safety was your biggest concern and no way in the world would he let anything happen to her but it was just too hard. You loved her; she was your little girl, only yours for so long. Even Jongdae hadn't taken her from you for a full day, twenty-four hours without your baby girl would make you lose your mind. The images of a million and one things that could go wrong while she wasn't with you kept you from letting him be with her. Today was no different, when you got lost in your thoughts, recounting Minhae's face when she received her gift in the mail from him for her birthday and how happy she was to see him when he came back from his tour. The first place he came was to your house. He said he told his manager that he would be back in a few hours, he lived in a dorm with a his bands mates God knows what they did, what the hell was he going to do with your daughter? You just couldn't let her go with him and every string in your heart was being pulled telling you to just let her go with him but your brain worked over time to override those emotions. It was more logical for her to just stay with you and she could see him at the house. She could have dinner with him and play pretend with him. She could run him around the house until he was exhausted from their play time but she would not leave you to be with him for a day. His tour was over and he had just slipped in the kitchen from singing Minhae to sleep. She stopped coming into your room in the middle of the night, it was weird not having her sleep beside you anymore. He caught you while you were in deep thought snaking his arms around your waist and nuzzling his nose into your hair. He peppered kisses on the nape of your neck and shoulder saying, "Our little girl is asleep." The tingle from his kisses and the fact that he kept reminding you both of you were her parents made your stomach coil. He pressed your body closer to him, his hands getting a firm grip onto your waist. You tried to pull away but he kept you still. "She's asleep and I have work tomorrow as well as you. You should leave." you said. "Why are you pretending you don't love me?" he asked. Your hands were occupied with trying to pry his off of your. As he was talking he hugged you tighter, his arms wrapped around your body almost completely and his weight slightly shifted onto your back. His head rested on your shoulder and he just held you but you were trying to get him off. "Baekhyun, stop playing you do this every night you're here. You know the routine, you get to come visit her but after that you go home." you explained still working at his hands. He finally let you go and straightened himself up you turned around; once you were facing him, he trapped you against the counter. His hands on either side of you and his eyes looking at you intensely. They were darker than normal and an unusual look was in them. It was the look you hadn't seen in a while: lust. Your breath hitched when he moved closer to you, his leg invading the space between yours. Your hands instinctively went to his chest to stop him. "Answer my question princess." he whispered. That pet name made you blush, you closed your eyes and looked down trying to get a grip. You were not meant to fall in love with him again. He was Minhae's father that was it but it was hard to breathe with him this close to you. He sounded so seductive calling you princess. A curse escaped your lips as your hands gripped his shirt. Your heart was racing, so even after five years he could make you like this. You wanted so badly for him to touch you but wasn't it wrong? To make love with an innocent child in the next room. You internally groaned at that phrase 'make love' it always sounded weird to you but it was better than saying sex. If it was Baekhyun, it would always be more to you than just a quick fuck. You shook your head no, "Baek you need to go." you said still not looking at him. "Show me that you want me to go." he challenged. He moved closer to you and you inhaled sharply, turned on by his voice. You shook your head, "How long will you make me wait?" he whispered. You looked up at him your voice faint and hard for you to recognize. "Go." you said so low you were surprised he heard you at all. "Alright, you want me to go. I'll go." he said. He leaned closer to your lips like he was about to kiss you then pulled back teasing you. Your heart was racing as he walked away from you. You followed him out of the kitchen and to the door. He was getting his shoes back on when you pushed him against the wall. He looked at you wide eyed. "I hate you." you said. You stood up on your tip toes and pulled his head down so you could kiss him. He wrapped his arms around you bringing you in closer, making the kiss deeper. A light moan escaped your mouth, his kisses were amazing the way his lips captured yours and his tongue danced around in your mouth. His kiss alone could bring you to a climax. You pulled away to take a breath, your eyes were probably drowned in lust mirroring his. You tried to pull away but he pulled you close shaking his head. You could feel the budge that had formed in his pants. Damn it, you shouldn't have entertained him but he knew you hated it when he teased a kiss. It made you want it more, he picked you up and your legs wrapped around him to keep you steady. He made his way back to your room laying you on the bed gently before going to close the door. "Baekhyun." "You can't back out now you know that, right?" You were silent as you looked at him still panting. Your body was begging for him. He came over and kissed you softly his hand going up your shirt ghosting over your stomach. He smiled at the way you shivered. He took your shirt off and tossed it to the ground; he pulled his shirt off next revealing the beautiful body below. "I need you so bad Y/N." he whispered. "Come get me." you said needing him just as bad. He took off his pants and you did the same, both of you completely naked. He used his fingers to tease you pushing two digits in slowly, you bit the back of your finger to keep quiet. His face came right up to you taking in the look of pleasure on your face. His forehead was against yours, you had one hand wrapped around the back of his neck to keep him close the other hand was holding you up. He looked you deep in the eyes his fingers picking up the pace, "You're already like this with just my fingers. Have you missed me princess?" he said. You refused to answer and he just chuckled and kissed you lightly. "Lay down." he told you. You let go of his neck and laid down, he removed his fingers from you licking them in front of you. You released a small whimper, your hips wiggling a little. He didn't make you wait much longer. He aligned himself with your entrance and pushed inside you. You took in a deep breath, gripping the sheets. It had been five years since you last slept with him, the feeling of him inside you was amazing. He pressed his forehead into your shoulder, "You're so tight princess." he said licking his lips. He began to move making you inhale a little sharper. Tears forming in your eyes, you kept alternating between biting your lip and taking in breaths as he moved slowly against you. He covered your mouth preparing for what you might release when he slammed into you harder. You moaned a little louder into his hand thankful he covered your mouth for you. His mouth took in your nipple, his tongue making circles and his teeth biting down gently. His hips bucked harder into you, you clawed at his back forcing your voice down. You whimpered in his ear while he continued to move in you, "Baek." "I love you princess." he said into your neck. You wanted to say it, you would've said it but something held you back. Fear and your stubbornness, you gave in for a second if you let yourself fall any deeper you feared you would forget what was important: Minhae He sucked on your neck moving faster leaving marks on your body. The faster he moved the more you begged for your release. He was coaxing you to your climax, whispering in your ear that he loved you, he wanted you to come. Your stomach tightened as you felt it coming you forced your mouth against his coming hard and whimpering in his mouth even as he continued to buck his hips into you not having reached his climax yet. He laid on the bed and had you sit on top of him, "Keep going I'm so close princess." You nodded. You rolled your hips, your heart still racing. He bit his lip and nodded instead of voicing that he liked that. He was thrusting upwards inside you as you started to move up and down on him. His hand reached up rubbing against your chest before he squeezed it lightly. "Come on Y/N just a little more. make me cum princess." he whispered almost breathless. You picked up speed moving against him, the combing movements guiding him until you felt his hot release. He forced his moans to be light but in turn they were long lasting low moans. He still bucked up into you a few times before he stopped moving. He was breathing heavy and he pulled you down and attacked your lips again. His lips trailing down your neck and to your breast again. Kissing them, leaving love bites behind. Your hand raked through his hair tightening and you pulled his head up so he could look at you. He gave you the kitten smile before he kissed you. "I get why you don't want to let me in, I get why you hid her from me but I love you two so much. I'm not going back on my promise. I'm not going anywhere Y/N I love you both so much." "Is that enough? You said you loved me before...that wasn't enough for you to stay." you said sleepy. Your eyes were closed and at this point you were awkwardly talking in your sleep feeling yourself being pulled in and out of consciousness. You still suspected something would make him leave but you were more worried about Minhae being known to the world as the daughter of Baekhyun. How does a child get away from a reputation like that? How were you supposed to keep the press off her back, keep her happy, keep her from insane fans. When she grew up it might effect her differently, you just wanted her to be an innocent little girl for now. "I want to be with you both Y/N you just have to let me back in." That was much easier said then done. Baekhyun's POV Minhae's birthday passed and he really didn't like that he had to miss it. He called up Y/N for a video chat just to see her on her birthday. She asked him what he got her but told her it was a surprise. It was a stuffed dragon, when he came back from his tour he saw her playing with it and was unbelievably ecstatic that she loved it. Y/N said she wouldn't stop playing with it since she got it. He got her father's day present from Jongdae a little charm bracelet that she made with beads that changed colors in the sunlight one bead with a kitten face on it. The fans quickly noticed and had different blogs and forms on what the bracelet was about but he was kind of happy no one knew it was from his daughter. God the sound of that word made his heart flutter. He loved it, he had a daughter and with the woman he loved, even though she tried her best to pretend that she didn't love him but he knew she did. She was stubborn though, he remembered how hard it was just to get her to agree to go on a date with him. She was so nervous on their first date he had to instruct her on what to do during the kiss. He laughed about it every time the memory came to mind. She was too cute, she always had to act tough even when he knew she just wanted to break down. She took everything in and when it was ready to come out boy did it come out. Still her volcano like eruptions were somewhat of a turn on, she was sexy when she was mad. He wanted her so bad, he just needed her kiss, her touch; he wanted to be connected to her again, feel her when she released in pleasure. Kind of hard to do in a place with a child which surprised him that he was even able to coax her into it. He knew she hated teasing kisses but she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. If they had been alone he would've taken her then and there and completely forgot about the bedroom. He would've made her scream his name, instead he had to keep her quiet. Y/N got all the hard parts of parenting though, she was the strict mom but she at least got to spoil her. She got to live with her, he wanted one day with her and she couldn't even grant him that. She was still just so scared he'd walk away from the both of them. Was she unable to see how much he loved their daughter or was it that her own issues with him were clouding her judgment? No matter how many times he told her he loved her wouldn't say it back to him. She was holding it back but he knew she still loved him too, that kiss, that night it wasn't just sex it was never just 'hit it and quit it' with them. When they were together, when he had her, she was completely his. She was more honest and straight forward with how she felt during sex than any other time. When he woke up the next day, she was already getting dressed for work. Again she had closed up, "Y/N." he called her name lightly. "I need to go wake up Minhae for school you need to get dressed and leave." she said coldly. "Why are you like this?" he sighed. She turned around, "Like what?" "Anytime you show too much emotion you lock up on me again. I spent a year when we were dating trying to break that habit now it's back with a vengeance. I know I left but babe I'm here now." She turned around, "Last night didn't mean anything, I just got caught in the moment." "What am I going to do with you? How do you love someone that loves you back but just won't admit it?" he chuckled now standing up. He grabbed his pants and put them back on, his boxers peaking through the top of his jeans. He grabbed her from behind and licked the bottom of her ear before nibbling at it. She grabbed his hands and tried to pull him off, "Stop it Baekhyun." she said in alarm. "I love you." he smiled. He saw her bite at the corner of her lip to keep from smiling. What was keeping her locked up? "Do you not believe me?" he asked. She looked away from him, "If you had said that after Minhae was born I'd go back to you in seconds but it's five years later and the only thing that's changed is that Minhae is my entire life now not you, not us. I don't have time for anything or anyone else." "One day you'll make room for me princess. I know you missed me, your body doesn't lie. I love you. I'll say it, sing it, I'll shout it out for the world to hear until you say it back. I love you. I love you both: my princess and my baby girl. I love you." She looked like she was trying to figure out what to do with him. She quickly pressed her lips against his in a quick peck but then she pulled away just as quick, "You need to get the hell out of my house." she said. Baekhyun laughed, "Tell our wonderful daughter I'll see her later princess." He walked past her brushing his hand against her butt making her jump a little. She looked annoyed but she was red in the face. He loved making her like that, he just wanted her to say she loved him. Things would still be rough for them for a while. Six months had gone by since he discovered Minhae was his daughter and each day for those six months he'd ask for a day out with her. Each time she said no or not yet. Till he finally got her to agree, it wasn't even him that asked. She called him up one day, "Listen do you still want to hang out with Minhae for the day?" she said hesitantly. "Yeah of course." he said excited. He could imagine her biting her lip through the silence probably wondering if she'd regret what she was about to say next. "Look she's been really persistent about hanging out with you so if you want, Friday you can spend the day with her." "Please tell me you're not kidding Y/N." "Baekhyun if you do not bring her back to me by nine on the dot, I mean it, I will end you. She is to be inside my house safe, with me by nine not one minute after, not two minutes after she better be back by Nine." she emphasized. "Right have her back at the house by ten got it." "Baekhyun." she said her tone threatening him through the phone. He just laughed, "I'm kidding, I'll have her back home safe and sound like a responsible parent. I love you princess." "Stop calling me that." she grumbled. Even over the phone he could hear the smile threatening to crack on her lips from the pet name. "Thank you Y/N." "Thank Jongdae." she said kind of annoyed before hanging up. It still bit at him that Jongdae was always a factor in their relationship. He had convinced her apparently to let him spend the day with his daughter so he couldn't get too mad but it still bothered him. Still, he'd actually get Minhae for the day that was more exciting news than finding out he'd perform at the Mama's, it beat the excitement for concerts and fan meetings. Their daughter would be with him for the entire day. He was beaming the rest of the day he couldn't wait for Friday to come.
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