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And so a much needed trip comes to an end. I had been wanting to go out to see old friends the entire summer, just never seemed to get the chance to do so. Suddenly the end of summer on Long Island is feeling too close for comfort, and I’m being reminded of my unfinished goals, unchecked lists, and too little will power to finish any of the above. It’s a shame how summer puts us (or maybe I should just speak for myself?) into a completely relax mode. I didn’t want to do any proper work, stress myself out, nothing. People always tell me that you’re only young once, and there will be a time not too far away in the future when I’ll be working 24/7. So I won’t feel guilty about my relaxation and empty schedules. It’s just the matter of getting back into the swing of things once I get back to Manhattan. However, while I do not feel guilty, there is a sense of fear of going back to Manhattan to finish school. I do not believe there are only three years left of my schooling, and I don’t think that is nearly enough time to make the most of anywhere… especially NYC. I don’t want it to end. Just like I do not want summer to end. But I will do my best. In times like this, I think of a phrase I here in the K-dramas I have watched: Hwaiting! Ho ho. I shall take what comes and do my best in doing so. So back to our day trip: my two old friends Mehvish and Fiza and I went out to Port Jefferson on the north shore of Long Island. Long Island is full of these port towns, but this is by far one of the most beautiful. It helps too that the weather was wonderful and so Port Jeff was perfectly populated with the right amount of people. All were so happy to be out in the warm sun; or maybe they were like me and decided to take advantage of the picturesque town at their fingertips… before the summer ends. We spent the day walking around, catching up with one another, and taking in the scene through the lenses of our eyes and cameras. Oh and wondering what kind of boat we would purchase if we ever got one. I would have loved to perhaps show some pictures of a restaurant in the area for visitors, but we stuffed ourselves with ice cream as soon as we got there. Not the best idea but it did keep us full until a huge dinner. I say that’s some pretty special ice cream. The day ended with meeting with Mehvish’s sister and again, an old friend: Mehreen. Plus we were gifted with that beautiful sunset. I don’t know if it’s my lack of photography skills, but sometimes the camera just cannot capture the grandeur of what I see through my eyes. My friendships and days with these girls can only be fully felt if you see them yourself :)
wow I stayed at Port Jeff for three days while visiting a friend but I never took time to go visit the actual seaside because I was always going to the city. Should've gone :(
@SabeenM thats so niceeeeeee!!! i should definitely update moreeee ! summer here has been crazy and monsooon season has officially ended so its super humid/hot season... but still! beautiful things to see around here :D
Thank you!! I'm so glad you like them :) You should definitely come back to NY... there's always something new to see. I'll be referencing your cards when I go to Korea in the spring!!
Im such a huge fan of all your traveling cardssss they inspire me to travel moreeee! can't believe i was in nyc and didn't go to so many i know :D