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Is This Dog A Real Life Falkor?
Thanks to constantly watching and rewatching 'The Neverending Story' when I was a little girl, Falkor is pretty much one of my favorite characters from pretty much anything.

Did anyone else watch this as a kid? Did you like it, or was it too weird for you?

And most importantly, doesn't this dog look like Falkor?!

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@Gibbous1992 Omg, how much was it?
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@danidee ummmm... I think 5 dollars? Maybe 10. I don't remember. But it was one and two on one disc.
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@danidee you know what, I guess I did buy it after all, it was laying next to my TV this whole time! Lol
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I don't think this dog looks a lot like Falkor, but there was this llama at my local zoo that, I kid you not, looked legit like him. Like exactly. I remember being a kid and just happening on the llama enclosure unable to move forward until I figured out just where I'd seen that face before. (I too was OBSESSED with NES, ALL of them- and definitely was meant to grow up and steal Atreyu's heart). I have a picture of the llama somewhere, I'll see if I can't dig it up.
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