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What Drama Am I Currently Watching?

I made a card two weeks ago sharing what I was watching, so here's an update to the changes: 1. I'm still watching Better Man and My Good Wife
2. I completed Drunken to Love You and Love at Seventeen.3. I started watching two more dramas (below).

Murphy Law of Love

Starring: Danson Tang and Ivelyn Lee
Status: 2015 drama (I'm on episode 8)
This is the first drama I watched of Danson as the lead. I wasn't fond of his acting in Hana Kimi. Perhaps it was his character in that drama. Anyways, he did improve in Murphy Law of Love. Danson plays the CEO of a divorce agency and Ivelyn plays Dr. Love in a dating agency. The two leads has experience painful breakup in the past and the story is about how they overcome it by starting to believe in love again.

Prince of Wolf

Starring: Derek Zhang and Amber An
Status: Currently broadcasting (I'm on episode 4)
I also briefly explained the plot here! So far, I really enjoy the pace and characters. TThe story is about to get interesting when he starts working in the company with his mom (who doesn't know about his survival from the Wolf forest). I actually can't wait until the mother and son to reunite.
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@biancadanica98 Love it! Although the last two couple of episodes was kind of dramatic. I actually thought they were going to drag it out. So glad they didn't! I haven't seen much drama from the male lead, so I looked up his dramas and found out he didn't act in anymore dramas after Drunken to Love You. He's mainly do film now.
@cindystran Yes, I'm glad you loved it! But the drama is the best XD Me too, it's a drama that doesn't drag out. I haven't seen any other dramas from the male lead and that makes sense as to why I don't know him that well because I don't watch many Asian movies.
Yay you finished Drunken to Love You, what did you think of it? And yes, back to Murphy's Law of Love.