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Since I've been thinking about cosplaying Ako from "And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?" and she has a staff that would be an essential part if I do her game outfit. Buttttt I've never made this kind of prop before, so I'm pretty sure I need to decide if I can handle it, or if I should look to commission it instead.

This is the staff I would be trying to make!

I decided the hardest parts to make would be the gem and the gold tips/bottoms.
So, I first looked up a Malificent staff tutorial since there is a gem in the staff & I can see if I would be able to make a gem.
Good news is that I think I would be able to! Start at 1:15 to see how the gem is made. Seems totally doable to me!
The next thing I needed to figure out would be how to shape the top and bottom gold parts of the staff, as well as the wings. I found this tutorial for a Star Guardian Lux staff, and the wings / gold part are perfect for how I would need to make Ako's staff, I think! I wasn't really thinking about the wings yet, but this shows that it might be kind of hard.

I think I can pull it off, so I'm going to try to do it on my own!

Not for a few months, though :D This is just me trying to get things organized so I'm ready once it's time~~
@hikaymm cool! Can't wait to see it!!
good luck I know you can do it :)