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This is because corn rows develop from cells in pairs. So no matter what the number is - an ear usually has between 8 to 22 rows - it's always going to be even. If you have a corn in the house, go count right now! :P
@minjaeturtles sori not able to count the rows coz there are always some grains missing at the top of the corn : (
@roselee89 sorry I missed your comment. Yes, please do message me :) @YinofYang I agree, it's a grain
That's why I just don't consider corn a vegetable. I consider a grain...although I still see it listed as a veggie.
@roselee89 I can't really think on top of my head, but should I message you if I have some?
@oj1992 do tell us if it's right! @lovemilkis I suppose so lol @roselee89 haha thanks. Sometimes, facts raise more questions than answers. Lemme know if you have any interesting questions!
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