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Guys, my sore throat is finally going away. I feel 80% better than yesterday. I still have some minor discomfort in the back of my lungs but if I stay hydrated I should be fine. I haven't eaten anything savory for the past 4 days! Tofu, various fruits, corn, eggs, yogurt, oatmeal and creamy soup was all I've been eating. Although, I did eat mashed potatoes last night and maybe that did the trick (of making my throat feel better).
Anyways, I'm really glad I can finally eat something solid and delicious. I'm holding back on spicy food for now (just incase).

Song that describes my mood right now: Sunny Day - Jay Chou

It's an extremely sunny day today and I guess I could finally enjoy the sun because I've been staying indoor for the past couple of days.

What song describes your mood?

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Fuyu Tokyo Lareine
Stress Come On- Big Byung
Sayounara Hitori/Goodbye - Taemin Especially after his SPECTACULAR performance on Hit The Stage, the fact that he won, and the fact that this song has dominated my music list AND my heart, I would say this song. (Plus I have been listening to both versions on repeat for the past like HOUR)
So glad to hear you're doing good. Sore throat sucks!!!
@veeyang5 same. Also Under Pressure by Jedward ft Vanilla Ice