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We hear this at the end of words a lot....방 (bang)!

And here's a has nothing to do with Bangtan^^

방 actually means ROOM!

In Korea it is used for a lot of things, especially places you can rent for a short time to play, work, sing, etc.

PC방 - PC Room

This is where you can rent a PC computer to play video games, watch movies, or just access fast internet! This is usually a place that serves snacks, is kept really cold and dark, and is filled with people playing League of Legends or Starcraft LOL!

DVD방 - DVD Room

This is where you rent a small room with a couch or lots of mats and you can watch a movie on a big screen. You pay by how long with movie is.

노래방 - Singing Room

This is just like karaoke! You get a private room to use with your friends or just yourself and you either pay by the hour or pay per song.

멀티방 - Multi Room

This has a little of everything. You can do karaoke but also play video games like Playstation, Wii, etc. There are usually snacks offered for free!

찜질방 - Korean Spa

This is a really typical Korean spa with saunas, steam rooms, and pools. People can stay here overnight for very cheap and there is usually a small selection of food.

Which of these would you love to go to!?

I've heard that going to a dvd 방 is the korean equivalent to Netflix and chill
I can't help but wonder do guys usually bring a bag of snacks with them to the PC Bangs?
@ashleyemmert That's interesting! I would imagine the keyboard would be nasty after multiple people them throughout the day. Lol. I remember back in the day we were not allowed to bring food to computer stations in the library (for that reason).
i wanna go to a spa room and a karaoke room 030
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