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Okay guys, I'm so happy to he doing this series again. Hopefully you guys will learn some new things about this awesome group!! Our first introduction will be of Sungjoo!! Basic Facts- Real Name: Kim Sungjoo(김 성주) Birthday: February 16, 1994 Ethnicity: Incheon, South Korea Position: Main Vocal A Few Fun Facts Are Below!!
He dreams to be a famous musician
He loves taekwondo and skateboarding
Ideal type is loyal and filial
He was formerly a YG trainee, he underwent over 1400 days of training before debuting as the lead singer for Uniq
Here's a few clips of his AMAZING VOICE!!! Check it out!!!
There's Sungjoo for you guys!! Is he your bias? Let Me Know!!

Next will be the leader, Yixuan!!!

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We'll see when I introduce the other members @Mercedesbenz98
@Mercedesbenz98 you're welcome :)
He's so cute in so many ways! I definitely see myself falling in love with these boys even more!
@JohnEvans thanks for doing this for us. He's definitely my bias from UNIQ ☺