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How cute is 24K's leader?! 😍😍😍😍 I am recently falling in love with the group 24K and Cory was the first one that caught my eyes! He's so adorable! *screams* 24K is a very talented group and need more recognition! Please show 24K some love! I can't wait for their comeback this month I'm so excited!!!
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@CLAKPOP and the 2 new guys are probably going to give me problems bc they're still students.... God deliver me from the evil ways of young thangs.
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I love 24K! <3
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I'm still learning all the members but hopefully it won't take me very long to learn all of them.
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@CLAKPOP Me too girl me too!!! These guys were the first group I got into. Daeil is my bias but Cory does a good job of reckin
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I just got into this group, and I have to say that they've already skyrocketed to my top 5! They're super talented and I love all of them, but as of now my biases are Cory, Sungoh, and Kisu! I feel like all the other members are a close 2nd though haha
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