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Hello hello! How about another episode with this snarky dragon? ;D Trust me, as long as you getcho crayons, you'll be fine ;* Well, for now at least :3 If you're not ready to deal with this mighty dragon, you're more than welcome to check out the previous completed petals, all linked in the Season 2 premiere! :D If you don't have your crayons yet but are in process of catching up, here are the supplies! :D > Episode 1 -> Episode 2 --> Episode 3 Before we begin, I just wanna say that I'm have REAL fun writing this petal.... ;) So without further adieu..... Let's do this! :D Please enjoy! *bows*
Episode 4~ Warm rays of sunlight lingered their way through the window blinds and onto your face, penetrating through your eyelids and stirring your gratifying dreams. You turn your head away from the light source, bumping your head into a smaller cozy body. A soft purr vibrates through its body, creating a sleepy smile on your lips. <<Good morning to you too kitty kat.>> You raise up and look around, taking in the stillness of the room. The stillness of the entire apartment as you vaguely regain memory of Ji-Yong knocking on your door to let you know he was taking off earlier that morning. A soft sigh escapes through your lips. You plant both feet on the cold floor and push yourself off the bed, carefully stepping on the ground to avoid waking up the sleeping kitten on your pillow. 'I have to leave for a photoshoot in Japan...... it'll only be for a few days......' His words replay in your head as you stare at yourself in the bathroom mirror, half mortified by the fact that the Ji-Yong you fangirled so hard over with your best friend, the same one that motivated you to chase after your dreams, may have seen how gross you looked in the mornings. <<It's not like I could have lunged out and asked him to stop. It's G freaking Dragon I'm talking to.....>> Your heart leaps at the mental image of Ji-Yong receiving you with open arms, generating a faint blush across your cheeks. The image of Ji-Yong sitting next to you on the street curb pops in your head. The close proximity of his face produced a timorous bundle of butterflies in the pit of your stomach. <<What was he saying again?>> Mindlessly focused on trying to remember, you shower and brush your teeth, subconsciously shoving the nasty paranoia into the back of your brain. Once in your room again, you head over to the drawers and sort through the different clothes that Ji-Yong had bought for you, oooing and awwing at the softness of the fabrics and the types of styles. <<Aishh.... Why did he do this?>> '....You really don't have a sense in fashion....' You roll your eyes and pull out the clothes that felt the most comfortable underneath your fingertips and quickly change. "Argh, what is that?" You look down and notice the tags still attached. Poking your head through, you yank off the tags and toss it on the bed, taking a double take when the tag falls face up with the price displaying. Your eyes pop out of its sockets. "Whoa, what?" You take a second to rub your eyes thoroughly before scooping up the tag and staring at it, jaw dropping the moment you bring the tag up to your face. “Who the hell spends.....” You glance over to your phone that laid perfectly on the nightstand and instantly dive for it. Fingers quickly swiping it awake and finding the browser button, your hand started quivering as it typed in the currency calculator to find out the US Dollar estimate. “$600! Are you kidding me! For a freaking sweatshirt!” The once sleeping kitten on your pillow lifts its head and stares at you, then gets up and stretches, arching its back into the air then meows softly before curling its tail around itself and tilting its head to watch you. “Did you know of this!?” You ask the creature, already picturing Ji-Yong’s mischievous grin in your head. The tag falls back on the bed as you run your hands through your hair and shake your head. “Out of the five members, why did I have to pick him as my bias?” You phone rings with a well recognized song to distinguish the caller. “Speaking of the dragon....” You murmur as Crooked continued playing. “Hello?” “Did I wake you?” the gentle voice cooling your heated thoughts. “No, I’ve been up.” He chuckles softly, “Yah, why do you sound so tense? I didn’t use up all the hot water this morning, did I?” Your eyes roll on their own, “I was actually going through the clothes you-” “Oh! Did you like them? I didn’t really know your style or what you were comfortable with so I had to call my sister for some tips here and there, but the rest was my personal taste.” You raise an eyebrow, “And personal taste means dropping $600 on a sweatshirt?” You hear his grin traveling through the line. “The Moschino?” “The what? Macchiato?” He laughs again. “You might not want to look in the closet then.” Your heart drops, “....w-why-y?” “Trust me. I know what I’m doing when it comes to clothes. You’ll look flawless in everything I got you so just wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.” “Wearing a $600 macchiato does not make me comfortable. Do you realize how long it’s going to take me to pay you back-” “Yaah! No. Don’t say that. Those are gifts, nothing more.” You sigh heavily, listening to him chuckle through the line as he enjoys your frustration. He clears his throat a few seconds later once the last giggle traveled out of his body. “I’m actually calling to tell you I landed safely.” <<Oh, that’s it?>> “Ah, okay.” “And because I wanted to make sure you were still doing okay.” Your heart begins to jump out of regular rhythm. “I’m okay.” You lie. “You sure? I can get Young-Bae hyung to go over and check up on you if you’re feeling uneasy.” A smile sprouts across your face, feeling touched by his efforts to make sure you were comfortable. “No, it’s okay.” “Well, if you say so....” <<I wouldn’t mind you coming back though.... please.>> “I have to go. Help yourself to anything, okay?” The line cuts off before you could answer, making you grunt and toss your phone to the side. <<Now what do I do?>> A soft meow from behind fills your head. You turn and stare at the kitten then reach over to stroke its fur. “Well, at least I won’t be completely alone.” You lay in the middle of the living room with the cat curled up on your back as you use your laptop to watch dramas and random videos, answering texts from the other members whenever they asked how you were doing. Dae-Sung showed up later in the day to bring you dinner, using the excuse that he made too much for himself and was in the neighborhood. He left as quickly as he arrived, until a couple of hours later when Seung-Ri arrived to drop off movies for you to enjoy, mentioning that Ji-Yong didn’t have anything fun in his apartment so it would look bad if he let you die of boredom without doing anything to prevent it. He didn’t stay for long either, causing a wave of loneliness to wash over you as you ate alone in living room. Your phone stayed silent for the rest of the night without a single notification coming in or going out. You shutdown your laptop and carry yourself to bed, shutting off the lights along the way, slowly realizing how enormous and vulnerable the apartment felt without someone else around. <<It’s only a few days, right?>> You leave the door open for the kitten to come in and out then run to slip under the protection of the covers, feeling the ugly head of paranoia begin to peek its face from the dark. <<Only a few days okay? Just a few days.>>
You walk along a shadowed road, following the path lit by the street lights. The cold breeze against your bare arms and legs igniting a reaction of goosebumps only made you hug yourself for warmth. You rub your arms, staying focused on the path regardless of the echoing clacking noise that your heels made against the pavement. The breeze made the skirt of your dress dance gently, causing you to pull your arms apart to keep the skirt from fully raising up when the breeze began to pick up into gusts. A car with its beams on high passed by quickly, blinding you as it went by. You complain about the high beams to yourself and blink quickly to adjust your eyes again, failing to see the sudden figure that was walking in the opposite direction on the same side of the sidewalk. “S-sorry,” you bow quickly and keep going, turning the street corner to follow the street lights. Another car with its high beams drives by, only, slowing down as it drove past you. You squint your eyes to get them adjusted after being blinded for a second time and smooth out the skirt of your dress. The sides of your feet start to ache the moment you turn another street corner but the street itself had yet to appear familiar. For the third time, a car with its beams on high drove by, taking the time pass by you as if it were ready to stop at any moment. You keep your head forward and still fail to notice the shadowed individual, accidently bumping into the person. You bow, “I’m so sorry.” As you turn away to continue, the shadowed individual reaches out and grabs your arm tightly, jerking you back. You flinch, “w-what are you doing?” The individual grips you harder, firing pain up your arm. You yank your arm back and stumble a bit backwards. “S-stay back,” you warn, watching as the shadow stands up straight and began to take steps towards you again. The screeching sound of tires coming to a sudden halt takes your attention towards the road. The very car with its beams on high stopped a few feet away from you. You watch as the doors open simultaneously and reveal shadowed figures like the one before you. With the adrenaline unleashing through your veins, you take off, running as fast as you can until you stop for a second to kick off your heels to let you run faster. You hear the heavy footsteps not far behind you as you turn the corner, keeping to the darkened part of the sidewalk and away from the light. You skid to a stop, realizing you had done nothing but run in a circle as a few of the shadowed individuals stood near the car with the rest of them catching up from behind. You were trapped, the very thought cut off your vocals to keep you from screaming for help, glued your feet to the ground, and created a river of tears on your cheeks. You turn your head, watching at the shadows inch their way to you. The sound of your heart viciously pounding in your ears muted the sound of the outside world. The individual that grabbed you first closed the distance between the two of you. A pale hand reaches out and grabs your arm again, digging its fingers into your skin. “P-please s-stop,” you croak. The shadow lowers its face closer to yours and hisses something barely audible in a foreign language. Your eyes grow large as your mind sets into overdrive in trying to translate the words. Before you could decipher the sentence, more hands grab onto you, pulling you with magnificent force towards the car. You struggle to free yourself from their grasp, crying harder when you see the dark pit inside the car. Low whimpers escape from your lips, and still, the only sounds you heard were those in a different language. With a hard push, you get shoved into the car and held down by various hands. The doors close and the car takes off, driving away from the lit sidewalks you were calmly walking on not so long ago. “P-please let m-me go.” A range of low voices mutter to themselves, you glance around for anyway to escape until a faint light in the distance growing bright and brighter, raging as if it were alive, catches your attention. The car drove directly towards it. The closer it got, the more you made out the light to be flames. Your apartment up in flames. “W-what?” “En flammes.” You jerk your head to the voice, recognizing the language now that you heard it so clearly. “Fre-” The car screeches to an aggressive stop, filling your nostrils with the smell of burnt rubber but the light against your face suggested other types of things burning. The car door opens, getting you pushed and pulled out by the individuals. Under the scorching fire, you’re able make out the shadows into the individual that Ji-Yong had fought against not too long ago. “P-please, I-I beg of y-you!” They drag you to the glowing apartment, ramming you into the inside and barracking you in. You bang against the door, screaming to get released while large beams begin to crumple behind you. Crackling and popping fill your ears. You cough fiercely then cover your mouth and nose with a hand to keep the smoke from entering your burning lungs while you kept banging. You feel your conscious start to haze, then sense your knees cave in too. Laying on the floor in front of the door, you watch through the little vision you held as the flames ate up the apartment, leaving no trace of life behind. A loud crackling noise from above makes your head turn up. The flames had loosened the wooden beam above you. ‘...En flammes…’ The beam breaks loose, making your world plunge into a fiery blackness.
You jump up with a sudden gasp, automatically touching your arms and face to make sure you were fine once you see the familiarity of the bedroom Ji-Yong had created for you. “It was just a dream, it was just a dream,” you pant, remembering every detail of the nightmare you had just woken up from. Your body shook as you crawled out of bed and made your way to the bathroom to splash water on your face. In the mirror, you could see the clear signs of the toll that the dream had took on you. You take a moment to calm your heart before going back into the bedroom. The alarm on your phone goes off the instant you step in. <<Why couldn’t it have rang sooner?>> Scenes from your dream continue to reply while you change, causing the ugly face of paranoia to latch onto your conscious and distort bits and pieces of reality. You scurry along the sidewalk, switching your attention between Google maps and the surrounding environment. A car zips by you while you cross the street, making cold shivers run down your spine as you recall the mysterious car from your dream, and the mysterious car from the night you were attacked. You pick up your pace, speed walking the rest of the way until you make out the familiar shape of the YG building from the distance. <<Oh thank goodness.>> The cozy scent of your office calms your raging thoughts. You slide into the chair and lean your head onto the cool wooden surface of the desk. Your cellphone rings with an incoming notification. You unlock it with a simple swipe then open up a message from Ji-Yong. “Hope you’re well. YoungBae hyung is dropping by your office to bring you French cuisine from the restaurant we went to long ago. Eat plenty, call you later.” <<Dropping by just to bring me food? Does he not trust me with feeding myself?>> You stare at the text, your thoughts retrieving the night you dined with the members and dealt with a rude host and getting hit on by a French man. <<Wait a minute->> ‘En flamme.’ <<I barely even spoke to the man.... Why would he even have appear in my dreams? Let alone, try to kill me?>> “But the voices were identical, where else could I have come across a foreigner other than my best friend? And she can’t pull off an accent like that.” <<There’s absolutely no way there’s a connection. There’s no motive whatsoever, I didn’t do anything to him.>> A quick knock on your door makes you shoot up and consent permission to enter. YG’s assistant pokes his head in then opens the door, bringing in a large bundle of paperwork. You watch as he smiles politely at you and sets the stack on your desk then take a double take at your face. “Are you okay?” He asks, eyeing your nervous glancing away from him. “Yeah, I just, um, it’s been a rough morning.” “Ah, I see.” He turns peek at the watch on his wrist. “Well I hope you feel better. The boss will want these by the time he comes back from his business in Japan.” His body pivots to carry himself out of the office. “Uh, wait-” You feel yourself standing up immediately to chase after him. He turns his head back, “yes?” “Um, this may be out of the blue, but I was wondering, how do idols deal with anti-fans?” “Anti-fans? Why? Did you encounter one? Or have you created some yourself?” He crosses his arms across his chest and stares at you with curiosity across his face. “I read an article about anti-fans this weekend, it got me curious,” you lie. “Well, it really depends on the individual. We have security to protect our artists from getting ambushed by both fans and paparazzi. When they go off into their personal lives, they’re really on their own, but I doubt anti-fans would actually go hunt down an artist at their homes.” “And if they do?” He snorts, “then they must have done something really bad to piss off that person. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories, there are people who would do anything to get their message across. That member of SM’s TVXQ drinking something that turned out to be glue, or even Tablo when he was with us, the scandal he went through was scary even for YG to try and control. Anti-fans don’t necessary need a motive, if they dislike you, they’ll do whatever it takes to get that message across to you. “It’s best you watch who you trust since you’re becoming so popular. I’m surprised you haven’t been stalked by the paparazzi or fans, let alone, any antis.” He dips his head for a quick bow and heads out the door, leaving you shaking in fear with a thousand more thoughts running through your head. You sit back down slowly and bury your face in your hands, trying desperately to keep them from shaking. <<But what did I do? Is this really an anti? Is that guy an anti? Why would he do anything to harm me?>> Your eyes begin to release the tears that had gathered. <<What do I do? What am I going to do? He’s seen my face, he knows where I work, and he even burned down my home. I’m not safe here, I’m not safe anywhere.>> “Hey, I brought you lunch.” You jerk your face up, startled by Taeyang’s sudden appearance in the doorway. “Whoa, hey, are you okay? What’s wrong?” You try to speak, failing instantly with the tight knot around your vocal cords. Your only response being more tears gushing out of your eyes. Tae-Yang hurries up to you, dropping the small bag on the ground as he starts panicking over how to make you speak. “Aishh,” he mumbles and pulls out his phone to dial quickly. “Bro, where you at? .... Japan!? .... Your girl is freaking out and I don’t know what to do, she can’t even talk to me. .... Do what? .... Aishh, if you say so.” He holds the phone to your ear, “It’s Ji-Yong.” You cry harder with the mental image a brutally beaten and barely breathing Ji-Yong burning clearly in your head. “Why are you crying? Is everything okay? What happened? Please, talk to me, you're starting to scare me.” You shake your head, unable to produce words. Tae-Yang pulls the phone back, “tell me what else to do, I can’t stand watching her like this, it’s like she’s having a mental breakdown. .... What? .... Yeah. .... Okay. .... I’ll make sure of it.” He hangs up and shoves the phone back in his pocket then grabs a napkin from the small bag he dropped. “Come on, we gotta get going so we can make it in time,” he says softly, patting away the tears running down your cheeks. You look at him with confusion written across your face. “Ji-Yong said to trust him, so I’m just following his orders. Grab your stuff, I don’t have a medical mask on me, it’s in my car so you’ll have to make a run for it until we get there.” You obediently gather your things and follow him out the door, waiting behind him as he quickly checks the hallways for people then pulls you up in front of him and shuts the door to your office as you hurry to the elevator. Tae-Yang slips inside right before the door closes and hits the basement button. “Stand behind me, I don’t want others to see that you’ve been crying, it’ll raise too many questions and Ji-Yong will have my ass. Let’s hope the elevator doesn’t stop.” With the luck on your side, you make it to the basement and follow closely behind Tae-Yang as he leads you to his car. Once inside, he opens the glove compartment and pulls out a mask for you. “Slip it on, you’re gonna need it where you’re going.” <<Where I’m going?>> The car roars to life with Tae-Yang pressing on the pedal. You watch as he maneuvers out of Seoul and onto the freeway towards Incheon, taking the exit towards the airport. He parks swiftly then grabs his sunglasses and a medical mask and opens the door, running over to open yours and help you out. <<Why are we at the airport?>> “Come with me,” he commands. You trail behind him, keeping your eyes on him until he asks you to wait for him momentarily while he heads over to a travel agency. Within minutes, he returns and hands you a small booklet with a ticket sticking out. Your eyes widen. “I know, this is really weird but trust Ji-Yong, he does things for a reason and right now his reasoning is that you can’t be left alone after the mess that you went through. I’ll go with you as far as I can but please get on the plane, he’s waiting for you in Japan.” <<He’s what?>> “O-okay-y,” you croak softly, thankful that your voice has finally been recovered. Tae-Yang smiles, “you’re like a younger sister to me, and as a brother, I wouldn’t let anything harm you.” You bow deeply as a thank you then walk with him until the security check where he encourages you forward and waves goodbye until you no longer see him. “Why am I doing this?” <<Maybe because you want to be next to Ji-Yong?>> The gate doors open. The flight attendant checks your ticket then lets you pass by. You settle into your designated seat, looking around to see the first class sign a few feet away. “There’s no way, Tae-Yang bought first class in the little time he spoke with the agent,” you whisper to yourself while preparing for the plane to take off. Clear sunny skies shine down on Fukuoka as the plane pulled into the runaway. Several minutes later, you find yourself walking out of the gates and into the airport. Your phone rings with Ji-Yong’s ringtone. You take it out of your pocket quickly to avoid drawing attention to yourself. “Hello?” “Where are you?” Ji-Yong jabs immediately. “I just landed-” “I know, I watched you land. But where are you now?” Your eyes glance from place to place, “I don’t know. Where are you-” “Nevermind, I see you, stay there.” The line cuts off as you turn around, seeing a thin figure running towards you, masked and covered from head to toe. Your heart begins to accelerate, lunging your feet forward towards Ji-Yong until your bodies collide. His arms wrapping tightly around you, causing a new wave of tears to slip out of your eyes undetected. “I’m here, baby. I’m here. It’s okay,” he rubs your back, whispering softly in your ear. “It’s okay, baby, you’re safe now. I’m never leaving you again.”
Reunited with GD after all that! :O Omo! What's in store for you in the next episode!? :O Guess you'll have to stick around because things are about to get real interesting! ;) Thank you everyone! See you on Thursday! :D *bows*
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What an amazing journey, from situation to dream to being whisked away, it's just amazing the beautiful stories that you create. ...then at the end to imagine JiYong softly whispering the word "baby", yeah, I melted completely. @Sailynn you have done it again!!! CANNOT wait for the next installment!
@MallorySiltanen GD has a cat and his dog Gaho, but I forget what his cat's name is though 😅
amazing I just can't even express what's going through my head and heart, the only thing I can think of is amazing!!
"Woooo Chile my heart" *old southern grandmother's voice* that plane wasn't going fast enough for me.. Jiyongie please don't leave me alone no more!!! 😑😭😭😭😭
Omo!!! The feels right now THE FEELS!!!! Flying her out to japan just to make sure she's alright?! I love it!!!
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