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➺ For this Winsome Wednesday, I Think I need to spam my Beautiful man and his gifs ♡

Love the reaction BangLo gives JenJen.

➺ I love when he raps ♡

➺ Acting out famous lines from movies

《Also, I love him in orange》

➺ Note to everyone please: Tall people don't feel cold. That's an important thing to remember.


➺ Well heller there JenJen. . I can be delinquent. . . Does that mean you want to keep me???

➺ He's so sceared. . . I will protect you from all furry ankle biters ♡

➺ Poor JenJen. . . I love you too! He may possibly die, but at least he let me know his feelings ♡

❦ Topp Klass Mod & Support ❦

❦ Topp Klass Bebies ❦

@MonAnnahiX Hehe thank you hunnie! ♡♡
Thank you; You're awesome!! I'm ready for this All Kill Topp Dogg Project 😉
@MonAnnahiX Yes! Jenissi was there. Sure love! It's Topp Dogg Project!! Also, They have another called Topp Dogg All Kill. I'm in the middle of making gifs from that show too. XD
He was on smtm5 supporting A-Tom right? I think he had some screen time if I'm not mistaken... 🤔 btw can you please give me the name of the show in the last gif set? I need more Topp Dogg in my life 😁