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Chapter 14
Hey guys! I'm still suffering from a kcon hangover so my chapters will be slower. :)
However here is the next one. Hope you enjoy!
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Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff
Warning: Mild Language
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Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
Taehyung POV
Soccer practice was finished and the team let out a tired cheer. Taehyung started laughing with Jungkook and Hoseok as they goofed around on the field with a soccer ball. Jungkook collapsed on to the grass breathing heavily. “Jungkook get up, we should head home if you are so tired,” Taehyung said between his heavy and tired breaths. Jungkook swung his legs up to his head and flipped up to his feet. The boys walked over to the locker room to change and gather their things.
Taehyung opened his locker and pulled his soccer bag out. “Are we still going to grab a bite to eat after we change,” Hoseok asked. “Yeah, I’m down. I told my mom I wasn’t going to be home for dinner anyway,” Taehyung said as he pulled his shirt over his head. He took his already sweaty shirt and wiped his face with it, hoping to get the remaining sweat off his skin. “Where are we wanting to go,” Jungkook asked as he unlaced his shoes. All three boys stood there a moment thinking before Hoseok spoke. “Ramen?” Both Taehyung and Jungkook made hungry moaning sounds. “That sounds amazing,” Jungkook added. “It really does. I’m gonna hit the shower real quick,” Taehyung added as he grabbed a towel from his locker. Both Hoseok and Jungkook pinched their noses and insisted he was the worst thing they had ever smelled. Taehyung threw one of his soccer cleats at the boys then ran away to the shower.
When Taehyung finished his quick shower he walked back over to his locker and put his school uniform back on. Both Hoseok and Jungkook had already left the locker room so Taehyung felt like he needed to hurry. Taehyung swung his soccer bag over his shoulder and his school bag on the other. As he walked out of the school he pulled his phone out to check his messages. One from mom confirming he and Jimin wouldn’t be home for dinner. Taehyung sent his mom a quick message. The second one was from Jimin mentioning him and the other two were at the bikes. There was one more message that made him stop walking and stare at his phone. The message was sent at 5:55 PM.
Taehyung quickly looked at his phone’s time and saw it was 6:10 PM. He opened the text message in a hurry and laughed when he read it, a permanent smile spread across his face.
From: [Y/N]
Message: Do you like cookies?
Taehyung tried to respond in a hurry but right as he was about to start his message he received a phone call from Jungkook. Taehyung let out a frustrated sigh and answered the phone.
“Dude you coming or not?”
“Yeah I’m on my way.”
“Good.” Jungkook suddenly started whispering into the phone. “Better hurry. When we got here there was a cute girl with Jimin. You might miss your chance to get her number.” Jungkook started laughing.
Taehyung hung up the phone and put it in his blazer pocket then started running out of the school. ‘Please let it be her,’ he thought as he sprinted.
When he arrived at the bike racks he saw the guys laughing and joking. Hoseok was the first to notice Taehyung. Hoseok slapped Taehyung on the shoulder then started laughing. Taehyung was breathing heavily since he had sprinted to them. “Didn’t realized you wanted to get a random girl’s phone number,” Jimin said with a smirk on his face. Taehyung got aggravated and was about to say something until Hoseok cut him off, “Jimin here is holding out on us. Who knew he had such cute friends. Me and Kookie got her number.” “Yeah, she seems really cool too Jimin. Is that who you were eating with today,” Jungkook asked Jimin.
“Yeah she is friends with someone from my class. She’s really shy but she’s funny.”
“Ooooooh, I think Jimin has a crush!” Hoseok chimed playfully elbowing Jimin lightly in the ribs making him laugh lightly. Jimin lightly nudged Hoseok back.
“Nah, she isn’t quite my type but she is really great.”
“Well if you aren’t going to put the moves on her maybe I will,” Jungkook said as he pulled his phone out to text someone. Taehyung looked over at Jimin and asked, “What was her name?”
Taehyung stomped over to Jungkook, grabbed his phone and threw it into the grass a good distance. “Dude what the fuck,” Jungkook yelled. Both Jimin and Hoseok looked at Taehyung surprised. Taehyung got close to Jungkook’s face and sternly asked through his teeth, “Where did she go?”
“What the fuck is wrong with you man? You’re acting like an ass,” Hoseok said as he approached Taehyung. Jimin put his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder about to push him away from Jungkook but Taehyung brush him off. “Whatever I’ll find her myself,” He said as pushed by Jungkook and ran toward the main gate.
“Dude you alright Kookie,” Hoseok asked concerned.
“Yeah I’m fine but what’s up with him. Have you ever seen him get like that before?”
Both Hoseok and Jimin shook their heads no and all three watched as Taehyung ran away.
Taehyung reached the main school gate and looked left then right catching his breath slightly. “Fuck!” he yelled out of frustration. He pulled out his phone and sent a text to [Y/N].
To: [Y/N]
Message: Where are you?
Taehyung stood there a moment longer checking his phone every five seconds hoping [Y/N] would send him a text. When he felt his phone buzz he quickly opened it to be disappointed to see it was a text from Jimin.
From: Jimin
Message: Are you okay? You totally freaked back there. We are going to Kukai for ramen if you decide to join.
Taehyung let out a heavy sigh and squatted, wrapping his arms around the back of his head as he looked down at the ground. ‘What the hell are you doing Taehyung?,’ he thought as he stayed there. Taehyung felt his phone buzz again in his hand. In less of a hurry, Taehyung looked at his phone to see who the message was from. He jumped to his feet when he saw it was from [Y/N]. Holding his breath he opened the message.
From: [Y/N]
Message: At Kyobo Bookstore. Why?
Without hesitating, Taehyung sprinted out of the main gate and toward Kyobo Bookstore.
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Adorable boy doesn't know how to handle his new crush. Hope he doesn't mess up his friendships too much over it. 💜
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