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When You've Got Black Hair

This was definitely me in my teenage years. Sometimes a girl just wants to be able to dye their hair turquoise without having to fry their hair to the ends of the earth.

Have any of you dyed your hair before? How many steps does it usually take? Was it expensive?

Let's swap stories.
@buddyesd hope I have courage to do that. lol
@atmi you should do a before and after card 😃
I'm a brunette and I'm like in between light and dark for my hair..... after I first bleach my hair everyone is like "your hair is going to fall out! " @shadoheart I agree with what you said, I bought the powered bleach and I thought it would smell horrible or it would make me fag but in reality it actually smelled good than other brands
im letting my black hair turn white
I sadly cant bc my parents said I cant and I have black hair and I cant dye it red
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