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Mature Content

Hansol got up and stood next to Yoongi. He licked his lips. "If you ever need any extra cash.." He ran his hand across Yoongi's pale skin. "I do enjoy men from time to time." Yoongi was seeing red and all of a sudden he punched Hansol in the stomach. "Bitch I'm not about that life!" Yoongi yells while attempting to kick Hansol. Hansol's men point guns at the four guys. Suddenly, Hansol begins laughing. Everyone was still and Namjoon and Jungkook had their hands in their hidden guns. "I knew this one had a lot of fight in him." Hansol says while holding his stomach. "However, that won't happen again. You better be glad this is a business meeting pretty boy or u would have you bent over calling me daddy." Yoongi lunged for Hansol but Jimin held him back. "Let's just focus on what we are here for." Jimin says. Leech walks in with the contract and Namjoon looks over it then he hands it to Jimin. "I don't see any loop holes bro." Namjoon says. "Hansol will sign first then I will. Plus I want copies before you get this cash." Jimin says. "Let me see if there is really cash in that suit case." Hansol says. Jungkook opens up the silver suitcase. Hansol grins then he sings the document. "Plus we threw in an extra 100,000 for your bitch ass. Leave us alone and uphold the contract." Namjoon says. Jimin signs the contract. "Well know you are speaking my language." Hansol says. Leech runs and makes copies and quickly returns with them. Jimin throws the suitcase at Hansol. "You are a sad individual who needs loves and a good ass beating. What you are doing is wrong as hell. Someone will kill you one day." Jimin says. "Yeah well whatever. Take the bitches. I have this cash. Pleasure doing business with you." Hansol extends his hand. Jimin looks at him. Namjoon nudges Jimin to shake Hansol's hand. Jimin does so. The guys return home safely.
Jungkook was tickling Maranda on the couch while Yoongi looked in disgust. He rolled his eyes and made sigh noises. "I'm so glad this shit is over guys. I'm finally free thanks to you all. Papi I was so proud of you for stepping up." You say while sitting on his lap. "Yeah well Yoongi almost messed it up with that wold card he pulled. I'm just happy everything is good and we all are safe." Jimin says. "Well he asked for it. That guy is sick!" Yoongi says. Jin brings snacks into the living room while Tae brought in drinks. Everyone was super happy. "Let's celebrate for better days and enjoy this victory!" Hobi says while dancing around. "Yes, we will turn up tomorrow night. I know of some hot clubs." Namjoon says. "Baby we are going fuck all night long. Jungkook I'm so happy I have you in my life. And to think I thought you were so innocent." Maranda says. "No one really gives a fuck low key." Yoongi says. "You just bitter cuz Hansol wants to screw you and you probably need some loving two. You wanna join me and Jungkook?" Maranda says. "Ah hell no baby. Yoongi no bro." Jungkook pauses and slaps Maranda on the butt. "Don't invite ppl into our bedroom. You are mine woman." "Ah now you know how I feel Jungkook." Jimin laughs. "Well I have a friend that Yoongi may like. I work with her at the library. She's super cute and loves hip hop. She actually a good poet." Maranda says. "Well if Yoongi passes I will gladly give her a try." Namjoon says. "Hobi that girl Tabitha from my internship really likes you. Low key she's been the one sending you rice cakes but you didn't hear that from me." You say. Hobi blushes. "Ah she is pretty and I heard she is nice." "Okay new mission we will get the rest of you single guys a woman. This will be so fun I love playing match maker." You squeal. "I don't need your charity. Besides I'm already speaking to a girl." Yoongi says. "Who in their right mind would speak to you?" Jin laughs. "God bless her soul." Everyone laughs and continue to crack jokes until they fell asleep in the living area.
Your POV 4 months has passed since that incident. Big Hit Entertainment had launched their skin care line and they made you over that department. You were super happy to love what you do and to male some honest money. Yoongi wasn't lying about him talking to a girl. She was coming over for dinner. Maranda is in the making of opening up a cafe with the help of Big Hit Entertainment. She pitched an idea to them and they are on board. Maranda and Jungkook beginning to slow down with the love making. A week ago she thought she was pregnant. It was enough to male those two chill. But I really cant judge her. Low key I thought I was pregnant 3 months ago. Now Jimin and I use protection and I'm on the pill. Hobi is dating Tabitha and Namjoon is hanging out with that library chick. Jin was seeing a fellow Kpop star which I will not name. Tae is crushing over the new intern in the dance department. She comes over to play video game with him sometimes. ➑➑➑➑➑➑➑➑➑➑➑➑➑➑➑➑➑ Later that evening after dinner everyone was watching the news for some updates. Namjoon in particular loved the news. Suddenly a picture of Hansol came across the screen. News reporter Nari says "Exclusive News. Finally the police have caught the King of the circus. He is the mastermind behind the human trafficking scene. The police have been trying to track down this man for about 7 years. He will fave trail in two days. However, it does not look good for this young man. We will keep you posted on this event." You jar drops and tears begun falling from your eyes. Maranda quickly hugs you as she begin crying. You two did not know how to take all this in. Jimin and Jungkook comfort you both. "I hope they lock him up forever!" Tae says. "I don't know guys am I alive? For so many years I dreamed of this day." You said.
Later that night you were snuggled up in Jimin arms. He smelled so good but you fought your desire to make love. Jimin kisses you on top of your forehead. "You know we will have to leave soon kitten? We have to travel to Japan to have a few concerts and make our new music video in Japanese." Jimin says. "Well, I know Jin told me when we were cooking tonight." You say. "Just don't replace me with a cute Japanese girl." "Ah you know I love you and I will always need you." "I love you too Park Jimin and I will always need you." You say. "I need you boy..." You sing while tickling his belly. He laughs and sings "I need girl"..... THE END!!!

I do have another fanfiction in mind maybe....I will see what I can brainstorm....

Besos and Blessings up!

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I love the part when yoongi says, "No one really gives a fuck low key." lol so petty xD but I enjoyed reading your fanfic, it was A1 πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ”₯πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ˜„
Im sad that its over, but at keast it ended happy.
this was so dope lol
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job well done please tag me in your next story please
This story was amazing plz tag me on your future fanfics
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