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Get out your history books guys, Shinhwa was THE Kpop group back in the day and for good reason!

They made a comeback in 2015 and turned out JAM after JAM. Seriously, this is high quality classic Kpop:


THIS CHORUS IS EVERYTHING. Like, actually everything. It will be in your head forever and you won't regret it.

This Love

Okay, THIS CHORUS IS EVERYTHING TOO. Props to Shinhwa's song writers because they are excelleeeeennnnt.


The beeeeeaaaaaattttttt. This is less of a classic dancey track but I still love it. Definitely an awesome feel to the whole song.

I know there are Shinhwa fans out there somewhere?! HOLLER!

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Sniper is an awesome song!
@kpopandkimchi I love you for this!!!! SHINHWA are a level above, definitely one of the greatest!!!!
I love Shinhwa! And yes, Venus will take over your life. And they are actually my oppas! That doesn't happen much for this K-Pop noona.
I fell in love with them because I think Venus may have just come out when I was getting into Kpop or This Love. After hearing those two and watching them on a few shows, I was sold. I want and need to get more into them. xD