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~(Lavi POV)~

All the way to Christmas eve, Simon if not someone from Royal Corp, or AOMG came to visit me. I was hospitalized in Seoul since my birthday, but two weeks later, I was transfer over to Busan.
Ever since the transfer, only a woman and man claiming to be Simon's parents visited me. I spent Christmas in the hospital, but his parents brought Christmas to me. They had even introduced his brother and sister-in-law to me.
I didn't have my voice back yet, though I could sit up and move to and from the rest room, thanks to a wheelchair. The doctors were starting to get concern, because they were afraid I might have some nerve and brain damage.
Which could be why I couldn't walk or talk. They did run some test, and I was clear for any damage. Yet, they kept me in the hospital to be monitor. They had even gotten permission from my legal guardian, whom just so happen to be Samantha, since my father retired in London.
He had even started dating my mother again. Around the new year, family had all came to Busan to visit me, as I noticed Simon's family had stopped. The doctors had me attempting physical therapy in the new year.
I was able to actually walk again by Valentine's day. I was even hoping to see Simon on Valentine's day. I try calling him, but the number was no longer in service. I was starting to feel alone, as I checked on Instagram and noticed there has been a woman or two floating around with the AOMG crew.
They weren't hoodie or any of the ladies from Purplow. My heart hurt, as I felt light headed. I looked down at the ring on my finger, before looking back at Simon's IG account. His ring I was gonna give him next month on his birthday, it was gone.
Since the day I was transfer to Busan. It wasn't on his hand, nor was it around his neck. I just put my phone down, and decided to go for a stroll. I couldn't scream, since I lost my voice, but didn't mean, I couldn't try to walk to the garden they had here.
It was still winter, and very cold, but for some reason it felt welcoming it. "Lavi..." I turn around to see my brother Lance, all dressed up. He was in a suit and tie, as he lean in the door way. "Aren't you cold?"
I just gave him a warm smile, before walking over to him. I gestured to his attire, making him look at himself. "Ah, in town, because Jay invited all his friends to witness his proposal this his new girl, Je'Naye."
I blinked at him a bit surprised, as I looked around him. Lance grabbed my arm, to get my attention. He had a grim expression, before slipping something into my hand. "He doesn't have the balls to do this himself."
I looked into my hand and saw it was the matching ring. "Simon doesn't want to see you anymore. He feels you're both just toxic for each other." I looked up Lance, and noticed he couldn't look me in the eyes. I took a deep breath, and place his ring on my thumb.
Lance kissed the top of my head, before giving me a big warm hug. "Focus on getting better, Okay. I miss hearing my baby sister's voice, but so happy to see you're walking again." He then headed out to the engagement party Jay was throwing.
I took out my phone, and sent a text message to congratulation Jay on his engagement, even though it hasn't happen just yet. I sat down on the bench, outside, and welcome the winter breeze. Made it easier to numb out the heart ache this was causing me.
I stared down at the rings, until I got too cold, and headed inside. When I return to my room, I saw Tablo, waiting for me, with a bag beside him. "Hey kiddo, I come baring gifts." I smiled at him, and skipped over to see what was in the bag.
He moved it out of sight range. "Tsk tsk, you have to speak to get this gift." I looked at him like he lost his mind, since I knew I couldn't talk, yet. "Oh come on, like I believe you lost the ability to talk?" I blinked and looked around a bit confused at his reasoning.
"Say at the very least, one word, so I can give you this and kidnap you." I raised an eyebrow, wondering what on earth was going on. His daughter Haru came into the room with his wife, making my day better. "Ha...Ha...Ha-ru."
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Damn it Simon you lil shit 😩 watch when she gets better she'll be slaying and then Simon will regret it
look man!! stop doing this early in the morning!! I need a full night to get emotional, process what's going on and recover! my feelings are so hurt that Simon would do that! and then had. her brother do it?! she needs to slap Simon. hard. great chapter!!
@pandaqueenbee for that messed up move she should get away and fully heal herself then come back like a boss. oh with yummy monster woo oohhhh that man makes my knees weak mmmm.
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