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Jin’s POV It was Saturday morning I was getting ready for today's event. I was finally finalizing my dad's dream to open and amusement park for families to spend time with one another. I knew he wanted to build this park because he always dream of taking his grandchildren there one day but…… I know that he can't make that happen because after he found out that y/n and I had parted our own way . He became very sick to the point that he's now in coma. But I did promise him that I would do anything to make his dream come true and that I'll do everything to get y/n back. I was lost in thought when I got a call. I looked at the caller ID and it was detective Kim taehyung. I had hired him to find y/n and her location “Hello, is this Mr. Jin I'm taking to?” “Yes this is him. Have you found any information about y/n?” “Well…. Yes I have but I'm not sure if I should say this or not but…” “Please just tell me I want to know how she is I can handle anything so please just tell me” “OK here it goes. I have found y/n but….. She's ……” “She's what??? Is she Ok please continue” “Well she's….. You know.. Um..” “ she's dead ??!!!!” “Oh God no she's alive and well but she has 2 kids and is with someone else already I'm not sure if she's married or not but I do know she lives with 3 guys I believe their names are yoongi, namjoon and… I think the third person is ...… I can't remember the last name I think is ji…” “Jimin??” “Oh how did you know. But yeah jimin they all live together with y/n her 2 kids” “2 kids ?? She had 2 kids” “Yeah they're twins actually but I don't who the dad is I still more time to look into that so…” “So you can stop now. I.. I… I don't need to know who the dad is I thought I could take this but I guess I was wrong. I think it's best for you to stop here thank for your service but I won't be in need of it any longer thank you I will tell my secretary to contact you for your final payment. Thank you once again” And with that I ended the call “I can't believe she has move on and is happy with jimin and has 2 kids with him. He had what I had wish for, a life with y/n and a family. How will tell my dad I had fail on getting her back this can end his life for sure because he only want her to be his daughter-in-law and the mother to his grandkids” “Mr. Jin it's time to head out to the inauguration of the park we can't be late” said my junkook my secretary On the way there all I could think of was y/n and how I had fucked up. How I was supposed to be by her side now and how I should be her kid's dad but it was all too late I had lost her and I was starting to think it was for good this time she was happy with someone else and…. That maybe I should do the same “Yay jin are you even listening to me?” “What?!!! Yah?!!! Jin?!! Yay I know I told you that you can talk to me comfortably when no one is around but you still have to respect me got it?!!” “Sorry it's just that you looked zoom out and I was talking to you and you never answered me so I did what you hate the most which was….to act rude I'm sorry hyung” “It's OK but don't do it again got it? Now let's go I can't be late” Timeskip Everything went well we had a lot of visitors and it looked like business is going to be great. I was with namjoon when suddenly I remembered that Mr. Kim said that a guy name namjoon lived with y/n …..can it be this namjoon I mean he knows about my last with her but can this namjoon and that namjoon be the same one if so then…. Nah my mind if playing with me bow plus he doesn't know who y/n is I I don't think it's the Same guy “Hey hyung I'll talk to you later I have to babysit my friend's kid today she'll be here later maybe you guys can meet and you'll see that she has potential to be one of the company's lawyers” “Uh.. Oh ok I'll see you later than I'll be walking around and checking how everything is going” “Ok I'll see later than” It's been about 2 hours since I saw namjoon maybe I should go look for him. I was about to call him when I saw 2 kids playing by themselves with no adults with them whatsoever. ‘I should just tell the guards to take them to main office and announced that they're lost’ I thought but there was something about them that has me intrigue I don't know what it was but when I came to realize I was already talking to them and asking about who they can with “Are you lost where are your parents?” “--------” “It's ok you can talk to me I'm not a bad guy you can trust me” I said putting my right hand up and my left on my heart “No, we're not list we're just…” Said Nari who was interrupted by her brother Haneul “Yah, didn't mom said not to talk to strangers especially when she's not around us come we have to find uncle namjoon” said Haneul pulling Nari by the her hand I should just let them go and tell security to follow them until they're safe right? But then again something is telling me not to let them go “I know your uncle namjoon we work together here look” I said showing them a picture that namjoon and I were together “see I know your uncle so I'm not a stranger so how about I take you to him ?” “Come on Nari we have to find him we can't just follow any ahjusshi so come on let's go” What ahjushi?!!!! this brat let's see if he calls me ahjushi after this huh “We'll I guess you guys don't want to ride every game for free right” I said and I as soon as I said that they stopoed and looked at me. Huh I got you now you brat ⌒•⌒ “jeongmal we can ride the rides for free ahjushi” said the twins at the same time How cute they talk at the same time it must be a twin thing. I wonder if y/n kids do the same thing as this 2 …..wait they both called be ahjushi right? Yah-sh these 2 if only they weren't this cute they kind of remind me of y/n. They also look a bit Like my dad weird huh I was lost in thought when I hear the little girl talk to me “Can we really ride the rides ahjushi?” “Yeah but only if you both stop calling me ahjushi I'm not that old ok” “Ne hyung” said Haneul “Ne appa” said Nari “APPA?” She just called me appa I don't know why but her calling me like that made me really happy and it felt so right to hear her say that to me “joesonghabnida oppa I…. I didn't meant to say that it's just that I never called anyone appa and it just came out joesonghabnida” “Don't worry I'm not mad you can call me appa if you want I also do have anyone to call me kids so when you called me like that I was really happy” I said wiping the tears of her face it broke my heart and I did something I never thought I would ever do “you know what how about we do this I can be your appa for the day and you guys can be my kids. If you don't want to it's ok I know you have your da…” “jeongmal? You can't take it back ok you'll be our dad for the whole day no going back got it ahju… Appa” said Haneul “Yeah no going back but you have to stay with us all day ok until the day ends, you have to go home with us and do what dad's do ok!” “Until the night won't your mom be mad that a stranger is going home with you guys” “Ani because you're not a stranger you're our dad today and you're uncle joonie’s friend. Now come on I want to ride all the rides appa” said Nari pulling me and Haneul towards the rides Timeskip It's only been about an hour since I because a appa and I'm living it plus we have so much in common. After riding some rides we got hungry and went to eat at a food stand that was inside the park I was having so much fun that I totally forgot to tell namjoon that the kids were with me. “Let's finish eating and let's go find your mom and joonie ok they must be very worried” “al-assda” said both Nari and Haneul Once we where done eating I took them to them to the front desk and asked the lady at the desk to call for Nari and Haneul’s parents. A few minutes later a woman and a man came running towards us. She seemed familiar but I couldn't see her well until she got really close that's when I realized it was her. I had finally found her, I had found y/n after 5 years I had finally found her. “Y….Y/N is that you?” Was all I said before I looked at the guy next to her “J… Jin?!!” She called my name and I looked at her with a shocked face I was happy that I had found her but all I could think was Who is this guy? Why is he with her? And more importantly is he Nari and Haneul appa? “Appa are you ok?” Asked the twins at the same time I looked at them and smile and look at y/n again and I saw that she got nervous “Appa???” To be continued<<<<<<<<< I know this chapter sucks and I'm sorry
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