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A/N: Okay here you go guys Chapter 7 of PoS. A cute chapter if you ask me. This is how I see Jhope to be tbh. But I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. Missed the beginning? Click Here Missed Chapter 6? Click Here Want to know more about the characters? Click Here
JHOPE The pain on my right cheek had instantly sobered me up and I just sat there in the silence with an angry looking Kurumi."I'm not Sooyung...and I'm sorry I'm not her...to both you and Jin." I saw her clenching her fists,"I'll see you Hoseok..." I thought about grabbing her hand but I just did something cruel to her that I couldn't bring myself to do it. Rather than chasing after her I just laid there on my bed and slowly fell asleep tired from all that had happened today. --14 Years Ago-- "Hoseok why don't you go and play with the kids over there." I nodded at my mother as I headed to a group of kids. I stopped at my tracks when I saw that they were not playing but bullying a little girl,"Hey! Stay away from her!" They all ran away as I went ahead and ran up to the girl who sat there crying,"Thank you..." I smiled at her,"You welcome. Oh you're Korean?" She shook her head,"I'm Japanese but I heard you speak Korean so I went ahead and spoke in a language you know." I smiled as I helped her up,"I can speak Japanese and Chinese too." She smiled wiping her tears causing the dirt in her hand to spread throughout her face I chuckled,"I speak Chinese too!" I took her hand and led her into my house as I grabbed a rag from the kitchen and wiped her face. "Why were they hurting you?" She sniffled,"Because I'm not like them..." She frowned for a second and then gave me a smile."I'm Sagasawa Kurumi and I am 4 years old by the way! And you are?" I smiled at her as I took 2 cups and filled it with juice and as I handed her one I said,"Jung Hoseok. 8 years old. It's nice to meet you Kurumi. Can I call you Mi Mi?" She thought for a second gave me the brightest smiled and nodded,"Of course! If I can call you Hoseokie." I lifted one of my eyebrows,"Uh...Alright deal!" I held my hand out for a high five and I smiled at her as she gave me the brightest smile I have ever seen. So I instinctively patted her head,"Well as long as we are together I will protect you okay Mi Mi?" She nodded as she chugged down the juice,"If anyone comes to hurt you just scream my name and I'll be there running towards you." She looked at me intensely,"Like a Prince!" I nodded,"Of course I'm the Prince and you're Princess Mi Mi." She seemed satisfied with that and we continued to play. --Present-- I keep having those dreams of my summer in Japan with Kurumi. Swimming by the lake, playing at the park, and watching scary movies in the dark. Everything we did together. Kurumi, my sister and I were all stuck together like glue. We made a promise at the end of that summer to meet up again but my sister and I waited for her at the said time but she never appeared. So when I saw she was to work for my company I decided to give her a hard time. I was even more shocked when she couldn't even recognize me. Now that I think about it Sooyung wasn't the one who gave me the nickname of a Prince. My sister did since Mi Mi and her had a habit of calling me prince that summer. But ever since I found out about what had happened to her afterwards I couldn't stay mad at her. I couldn't stay mad that she didn't show up to our plans. Or that she hadn't even remembered who I was when she entered my company. Mi Mi wasn't the old Mi Mi anymore. And if I tried to go searching for the past her she would just end up hurt. I couldn't let her hurt her self anymore. I promised Mi Mi I would protect her so even if she doesn't even know she's Princess Mi Mi I'll always be her Prince watching from the dark. I stood up as I dressed in my casual clothing and took a glimpse at my phone and before I knew it I found myself calling Jin,"Hello?" In the background I heard Sooyung mumble something,"Let's meet up...and bring Sooyung too." He cleared his throat,"Okay...but bring Kurumi too... We all need to talk. Just us four." I sighed as I remembered last nights events,"Okay...I'll try to bring her." I then hung up the phone. I then dialed Kurumi's number,"Hello..." I sighed,"I asked Jin to talk along with Sooyung and he said he wants you there...he wants us four to talk it out." There was a silence on her part I knew she hesitated to meet Jin but she was probably still mad at me for kissing her last night,"O-Okay just text me the details...I'll me--" I interrupted her,"No I'll pick you up." Another silence,"Alright I'll wait for you. Just let me get dressed." I smiled,"Alright. See you in an hour or so." I then hung up the phone as I fixed my hair and headed out an hour later. I made a stop at the coffee shop and ordered an Iced Americano and a Caramel Macchiato. I then saw a small stuffed toy of a duck. It reminded me of the time when Kurumi, my sister and I were at the park and Kurumi was just terrified of the ducks as we fed them. I even remembered her crying when one of them tried to go near her. I laughed to myself as I grabbed the coffees and bought the toy duck. I then headed to my car placed the duck on the dashboard of my car and I began to head towards Kurumi's apartment. When I got there she was already waiting taking to someone. I got a glimpse of his face it was no doubt Park Jimin from QRS. One of the monsters of that is feared by all companies but my own. What were they doing with Kurumi? KURUMI I looked at the clock as I put my phone down. I had just woken up when Hoseok had called. Yesterday was too eventful for me that I was planning to just rest and cry my heart out but I guess there is a sudden change of plans. As I headed out to get dressed I saw the medicine and the syringe. I flinched thinking about the pain and decided that skipping five day worth of medicine wouldn't hurt right? I'll just do it again when Satoshi and Kanna comes back from their trip. So then I went into my closet and got dressed. I fixed my hair up and put a watch and earrings on. I looked at my watch. "40 minutes to get ready not bad Kurumi." I then headed out as I put on my sandals. I grabbed a pink wristlet and I headed downstairs. I stood there waiting for Hoseok when about 10 minute has passed when Jimin approached me,"Kurumi! Hey! What are you doing out here?" I smiled at his enthusiasm,"I live here and I am going out today so I am waiting for my friend to come pick me up." Jimin then gave me a smile,"Awh are you going on a date with your boyfriend?" I shook my head, the opposite actually,"No it's not a date we actually broke up...just yesterday." I gave a small laugh while I looked down when Jimin held my hand with one and with the other he held up my chin,"I'm sorry but hey it's his loss. A beauty like you won't stay single forever." I scoffed,"You don't know me enough Jimin to say something like that." Jimin then laughed,"I'm just saying Kurumi I am here for you whenever you need someone to talk to." I smiled up at him when I noticed Hoseok approaching us with a macchiato in his hand,"Hey Kurumi, here's some coffee." Jimin then holds out his hand,"I'm Park Ji--" Hoseok interrupted as he shook his hand,"Park Jimin of QRS company I know very well who you are, how are Yoongi and Namjoon. I didn't see you guys since my company anniversary dinner last year." Jimin's expression then went dark for a second,"I tried meeting with you a couple months ago but you refused to even see me. Funny don't you think. Are you scared of running a deal with Namjoon?" Hoseok then scoffed,"Look you don't need to try to approach Kurumi just to try to talk to me..." I looked at Jimin who seemed fazed by his remark,"Jimin, meeting you and Yoongi was not a coincidence was it? You fully knew who the hell I was..." Jimin stayed silent and hesitated to say something,"And? We can't approach you because we genuinely wanted to be your friend?" I scoffed,"You think I can't tell that you approached me for your own ulterior motives? Let's go Hoseok." I then grabbed Hoseok and ignored Jimin as he called out. The ride to the restaurant where we were meeting up with Jin and Sooyung was very awkward. "Kurumi...about last night... that ki--" I cleared my throat interrupting him,"Hoseok it's fine I overreacted you were drunk and the whole time you thought I was Sooyung so it's fine..." He sighed and just continued to drive as I took a sip of the coffee when I noticed a stuffed duck."Why do you have a stuffed duck in your car?" I said as I reached for it and he gave me smile,"It's just a memory of a friend I loved as much as my own sister." I smiled as I realized Hoseok is quite romantic considering his reputation in the business,"Your quite a romantic aren't you Jung Hoseok..." I looked at him as his lips curled into a smile,"She was the second girl I loved the most after Sooyung but right now she's my priority considering what happened with Sooyung." I was shocked to hear this so it piqued my interest,"Where is she?" Hoseok though for a second as he looked for a parking space,"She's close but she doesn't remember me so I have to watch over her from afar and I can't just tell her...it'll probably trigger some bad memories as well..." I put the duck back on the dashboard,"Well I am sorry to hear that..." He smiled,"Don't be I am willing to protect her from afar even if she doesn't remember we made a promise so it's not like I have much of a choice anyways." I smiled and threw the coffee away as we made our way into the restaurant. When we walked in I instantly saw Jin. His broad shoulders made it hard to miss him. At least it made it hard for me. I felt the pain on my chest again but I continued to walk along side Hoseok. "You guys are here..." I sat down ignoring the hand Jin and Sooyung held out. Hoseok did the same and the two just sat down clearing their throats."We came here to talk just like you wanted Hoseok..." Hoseok then looked at Sooyung with loving eyes,"I just want everything to be laid out...did you ever love me?" Sooyung shook her head slowly. I saw Hoseok clench his jaw as he looked at Jin,"Did you ever love Kurumi?" I was scared to know his answer but I looked at him and the pain in my chest continued to grow as he shook his head,"How long have you two been toge--" Jin interrupted,"Ever since the second year of High School." Hoseok closed his eyes as he gripped tightly on the glass of water so tight I was afraid he would break it and hurt himself. I instinctively grabbed his hands,"Hoseok...stop this its like you came here to hurt yourself..." He looked at Sooyung and back at Jin,"I want to go back to how us three were but...Jin there is one thing I cannot forgive you doing and that's dragging Kurumi into this little game of yours..." Jin then stared at me,"I genuinely wanted to fall in love with her because I knew you and Sooyung were announcing your engagement and I can't just be kept in the dark my entire life...Kurumi I want you to know that I respected your feelings towards me..." I looked at Jin and nodded trying not to speak scared hearing my own voice wavering will cause me to cry."If Kurumi forgives you I'll pretend all this never happened Jin..." I nodded releasing Hoseok's hand,"I forgive you both but please don't hurt Hoseok as much as you both have already..." The rest of the dinner was the three trying to fix the awkwardness between them. I smiled every time Sooyung and I made eye contact and I tried my best not to be awkward about it but I'm sure it'll take a while for us four to be how we were.

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