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We all remember playing Double Dutch in elementary school, but I don't think any of us were able to play it THIS well.

Check out this trending video from the 2016 World Rope Skipping Championships, where the team representing Hong Kong SHATTERED the world record for most jumps in a 3-minute interval - 671.5!
You can check out the full video above, and watch that counter in the back try to keep up with how CRAZY FAST these guys were jumping. I didn't know feet could move that fast!

What do you guys think? Could elementary school you be able to pull this off? Did you miss your calling as a jumprope pro?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more viral vids, follow my YouTube Nation collection!
Can you imagine playing like that on the school playground? Lol
I was the best double dutchess in my class back in 5th grade馃榿
@Animaniafreak Hahaha I would think the kids were on some sort of drug.
@YumiMiyazaki Did you do it every recess?
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