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So.... this just happened & its gunna be a while til I fall asleep now cuz Im too happy~ Amber is too awesome <3
Amber has seen my video already!! I seriously admire Amber so much and she is really inspiring. Her music is amazing and im just glad to be able to share the love and support with fellow fans <3 Like wow~ she tweeted about it and said thank you!! No thank you Amber!! My favorite thing about this video is how awesome the fellow Amber fans who participated are! I love the genuine smiles and the cute dancing ^^ I didnt think this video would turn out so perfect to what I had in mind! <3
OMG! This is seriously so amazing! Amber is so great! I just love that she tweeted about your video! 😁😁😁
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This is so perfect! Amber definitely deserves it πŸ’•
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