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*A FEW SIDE NOTES: Sarah did hand out business cards to every group, even Astro... She gave Jinjin the card since he is the leader of the group. Lol. I don’t know the specific time of when Kcon LA ended but I am assuming 10:30Pm so I am saying everyone ends up at the hotel by 11pm and then they all take a van a different area of LA. So they get there about 11:30Pm so that gives me time to let them eat…Cuz the place I found that I wanted to do only is open till 12 am…We can pretend in this story that the place is actually open till 2am. I did not want to do Denny’s or Jack in the box…. Since BTS has already had Jack in the box. Yea… Now that I got that note out of the way…..Here is the next installment of KOOKIE MONSTER!* Ok now if you missed @SweetDuella Chapter click here
They pulled up to a restaurant. The Sign read ‘FAT TOMATOE PIZZA’ “Pizza!” Kookie said jumping out of the van causing Sarah and Jenni to laugh. Everyone made their way in and picked a seat. Jenni sat next to Hoseok and Namjoon and Sarah sat between Kookie and Jin. There was a bunch of small talk while they waited for the pizza. Once the food arrived they all got a little bit quieter and ate. When they finished eating they left the pizza place full and happy. They had a little under a half hour to drive to get back to the hotel. Even though it was almost 1:30 when they got back the girls weren’t tired. They were still very energized. Jenni’s brother and his girlfriend said goodbye to everyone and headed to their room. Then all the guys started to go one by one. There was only the girls and Kookie, and Namjoon and Jimin and Tae left hanging out in Jimin’s room. “Ok so let’s play of course!” Tae said with a big smile. “Why?” Jenni asked “Because it’s fun” Jimin added “Sure why not!” Sarah said getting situated on the floor. She was sitting between Kookie’s legs leaning against him. “Alright who wants to start with me?” Jimin said looking at everyone “Kookie!” Jenni squealed. “Yea!” Sarah agreed. “Fine.” Kookie said and Sarah moved and sat next to Jenni who was leaning up against Namjoon’s side. Jimin jumped right into playing. “You actually didn’t know what to do when you started liking Sarah.” Jimin started “Of course.” Kookie said being a little shy “You actually wanted to date Jenni but Namjoon beat you to her.” Sarah looked at Jenni. wondering if this was true or if he was just going to answer of course because he didn't want to lose. “Of course.” Jimin said “You actually think dirty thoughts about Sarah all day.” Jimin smirked and Kookie glanced at Sarah and his face went pink. “I give up. I lose!” Kookie said and sat next to Sarah not looking at her. “You think dirty thoughts about me?” Sarah whispered into Kookie’s ear. He turned away from her. Sarah moved so she could grab Kookie’s face. He tried to avoid eye contact so Sarah just kissed him. “Hey go get a room if you’re going to start that crap.” Tae said pushing Sarah lightly. “No, No she is not allowed to do that kind of thing!” Jenni said pulling Sarah away from Kookie and having her sit on the other side of Namjoon away from Kookie. “Jenni lets do the of course thing.” Sarah chimed in “Ok.” “I’ll go first; you are really crazy about Namjoon.” Sarah started off safe. “Of course. “She laughed “That was too easy.” “I thought I’d be nice at first.” Sarah laughed. “Ok… you actually thought Suga was very comfy when you fell asleep on him.” “Of course. I mean he never moved he was so still I never had to readjust myself.” Sarah laughed “What?” the girls looked to Jin “What’s up?” Jenni asked with a smile “When was this?” he asked “I don’t know a while back.” Sarah said. “Ok Jenni, You want …. Want Jimin to stay in his lane.” Sarah didn’t know what to say. “Of course!” After a few more rounds Sarah ended up losing. After an hour Jimin kicked everyone out of his room because he was tired and Tae went to his room. Kookie and Namjoon’s rooms were on opposite ends of the floor. So they stood outside the elevators. “Well you guys have a good night. Maybe we can go down for breakfast together in the morning.” Jenni said as Namjoon grabbed her hand. He pulled her close to him and pressed his lips to hers. “I think we can try for that.” Namjoon said to her with a smile. Kookie whispered something into Sarah’s ear so the other two couldn’t hear. She nodded and they both slowly made their way away from the two who were in there own world to notice that they were now left alone in the hall.
Once the door was closed they started laughing. “Those two are so freaking cute.” Sarah said and she took a running start and jumped on the bed and then started jumping on it. “Yea but I think you’re cuter.” He said joining her on the bed. They laughed and then Sarah flopped down on the bed sitting Indian style. Kookie followed her lead. “So what are your plans?” Sarah asked looking him in the eyes and smiling. “I just want to talk some more…. I… wasn’t….” he fumbled wit his words. “Oh Kookie your too cute. I wasn’t thinking we would be doing THAT kind of thing. We haven’t been dating that long.” Sarah smiled placing her hand on top of his. “Ok, I really didn’t want you thinking that, that was the reason I asked you back to my room.” “Well I bet Jenni and Namjoon think we are doing something.” Sarah moved to lie down. Once again Kookie followed her action. They laid facing each other. They talked for a little bit and then Sarah yawned. She was finally getting tired. “Alright I should take you back to your room.” He said and was going to get up but Sarah placed her hand on his cheek. She used her Thumb to rub his cheek. She smiled and stopped moving her thumb and left her hand on his cheek. They stared at each other for a few seconds. Then Sarah took the leap and kissed him. They at first were cute little pecks but as they slowly started going in the direction of a make out session, their bodies were touching finally as they continued to kiss each other. Kookie rolled over on top of Sarah and finally broke apart and hovered over her. “Can I just stay the night? I mean you did stay in my room the first night we got together” Kookie didn’t want to say No so he didn’t. “Of course you can stay here.” “Ok… but maybe we should ….um maybe “Sarah started to fumble with her words when she looked at his arms and saw his muscles. Him holding himself above her had all sorts of feelings going through her. She moved her hand and touched one of his arms. He looked at where she was touching, and looked back at her to see her biting her lip. “You like what you see?” he smirked She slapped his arm. “You are too much.” She laughed and then pushed him off of her. “Can I borrow one of your shirts? I know you have long shirts that would cover me all the way. “Yea I do.” He said and went to his luggage and pulled out a long white t-shirt and threw it at Sarah. She went into the bathroom and took off her clothes and put his big shirt on and then walked out to see Kookie was already under the covers. She quickly got under the covers as well and then he shut off the rest of the lights. “Good night!” Sarah said with another yawn. “Good night babe.” He said and kissed her forehead and then they both fell asleep. The next morning Sarah woke up and rolled over to face Kookie. When she did she got a pleasant surprise. (1st video) he was doing what he had done on his twitter update a few weeks back. He started singing along to Boom and Sarah tried to keep a straight face but she couldn’t. She started laughing which then he stopped and gave her his perfect smile. “Have you been laying there waiting for me to wake up to do that?” She asked “Yes, I wasn’t waiting that long though.” He smiled and then clicked another button. (2nd Video) “Oh my gosh Kookie!” Sarah was dying. Then after the next few minutes they goofed around and randomly kept saying Pikachu. Somehow the blanket that was covering Kookie fell down and his chest was exposed. He didn’t seem to care and kept messing around with Sarah. Sarah got flustered and quickly got off the bed. “What’s wrong Sarah?” he asked sitting up. “Why don’t you have a shirt on?” She asked “Oh I don’t normally sleep with a shirt on.” He got off the bed and walked over to Sarah. “But you did at my place.” “Well yea, that’s because we had just started dating and we cuddled all night. I wanted to hide my body a little longer.” He smiled and was closing the distance between the two. Sarah held up her hands which landed on his chest. He smiled and put one of his hands on her wrist. “Kookie…..” She let out a breathy whisper; he closed the distance between them and kissed her gently then pulled back. “We should probably get you back to your room so you can change before we go to breakfast.” He smirked. Sarah quickly got away from him and grabbed her clothes then went into the bathroom to change. Why was she so flustered? She felt like she was the younger one in the relationship. Maybe it was because she had never felt anything like it before in her past relationships. Kookie made her feel different in a good way. After she changed they went to her room only to find that Jenni wasn’t in there. It looked as if she also didn’t stay the night in there room. Sarah quickly changed and they headed downstairs to get breakfast.
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