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Excuse the meme but I'm really ill if these are true.
Click on the link to see the articles. These babies need to rest!!!! Kai and Lay are injured! I really just hope it is rumor mill. I did notice in two different fan cams both Chanyeol and Lay dancing choreo that I have never seen.
EXO-Ls everywhere if this is true LOL. What do you guys think about it? Has anyone else heard about it? Credit to owners
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@KpopLifeu and I see your point too. You can see it ALL over Kai's face when he can't dance because of an injury. It makes me so sad to not see that beautiful smile of his while he dances. He beams. It's funny even when he is supposed to be serious for a performance you can still catch him smiling. Sorry I go off on tangents when I talk about them. LOL
@KpopLifeu I don't in now if you're an Army but yoongi was upset when he couldn't preform either, but he was simply fatigued. no idol likes not performing. it's their job, life, and passion. tao was upset about being on his feet again. it's okay to be upset about both but even an idol knows the answer isn't to be performing. if you're injured you're injured. that's not a valid excuse. I hate having to pay takes from my paycheck, but the answer isn't to stop working.
i know i wasnt talking about you personally i meant some exol-s sorry for not verifying...and in sorry but mostly every group has members that pass out....idk i just think that irs the life of a star...its just something that happens @Tigerlily84 ... @LaurenStrayhorn id really read into their lives like that to know what happens to them so i really wouldnt know what happened to tao......@KpopLifeu exactly!!! thank you..... @sherrysahar idk just a different one than they are taking its quit aggrivating to have to read some of the distasteful comments people write....like all some fans have to say is please get better and rest not the other stuff that they say.. i just dont like the rudeness is all.....and i think ive repelied to everyone. sorry it took so long i had to work.
@NikkoNikole I try to not give EXO-Ls a bad name like some people. I won't lie some fans have major freak outs over stuff. I rarely loose my temper about it. I have had a terrible week and the thought of them,unnecessarily in my opinion, being exhausted upset me momentarily.
@NikkoNikole honestly i have no idea what you are talking abt lol we actually create a deep bond with them nd they become like family to us nd we as fans worry abt them just like u might worry abt ur friends nd family and this card is nothing more then we worrying abt exo bcs they have been overworked nd just like close family nd friends we want them to be careful dont get hurt, take care of themselves nd rest as needed i dont know where you see the rudeness here that u r referring too Lol