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So, @luna1171 saw a thing on Instagram and made a card HERE. I finally decided to make a card. ^U^
Original Bias~ JACKSON! The first time I watched Just Right I fell.....hard (for Jackson).
Current Bias~ YOUNGJAE! Everyone should love this fluffy bundle of pure sunshine. EVERYONE!
Wrecker~ All of GOT7! Right when I think I'm gonna devote all my love to a single member.... BAM! The rest of the team starts pestering me. I love all of them, it's so painful sometimes but also it's the most wonderful thing ever. ♡♡♡♡
Ship(s)~ All possible combinations of the seven. Including, but not limited to: 2Jae JJProject JackBAM Markson Markgyeom
Fave Vocals~ YoungJae...... NO Jaebum.... NO YoungJae! Gah! Don't make me choose!
Fave Rapper~ Jackson Truth be told I really like all 3 rappers in GOT7. Jackson gets the spotlight today. Even while typing this, I considered putting BamBam or Mark here. They each rapper fairly differently, so it's fair to say that I love all three rapping styles.
Fave Dancer~ Yugyeom They can all dance and I love how all of them move, but Yugyeom here moves just abit more...... more. He is extra. ♡
Fave Song~ Can I say all? No. For none title tracks I love Rewind right now. Others include: Like Oh, Forever Young, and Moonlight. For title tracks I will always love Just Right. ALWAYS!
Fave Choreo~ "I Like You" ♡♡♡ Also, I love "If You Do" too.♡
Fave MV~ Just Right!!! It was the very first GOT7 MV I watched. It is what started my journey. I love it so much!
Fave Era~ MAD and FLY I of course can't choose. Both of these eras made my boys look good. Both of these eras also produced some of my favorite songs too. ♡♡♡
When Did You Become IGOT7~ I don't know the exact moment I felt that I loved all of them. I do know that I watched Just Right for the first time on Aug 19th 2015. Yep. Journals, they are useful.
How Did You Become IGOT7~ With time and the help of my friend @Viresse ♡ She is the one that got me to watch Just Right the first time. I got her to watch more than Just Right. We watched all sorts of videos on YouTube, it was great. ^U^ (I called Junior "Ears" for the longest time.)
From Where~ Tampa Florida. Most people think of image one and two for Tampa all the time. I experience the view in image three far more often. Though I have been to the location in image two.... it's great for PokemonGO.
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YOU SO RIGHT THRY ARE!! this is a BOY WRECKER group..hahaha..they are all GOURGEOUS!!!😍😍