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Shout-out to all of you Americans on Facebook that will have to deal with three more months of all of your friends fighting on the internet. You're the real MVPs.

How are you at handling others' opinions? Are you open to hearing their perspectives - even if they involve Trump?

I respect your opinion unless your opinion can be disproved by facts. If the person refuses to change their way of thinking even after looking at hard facts then I get internally angry (because I hate useless arguing). Don't mention Trump to me; I posted a status on my FB saying "I don't care how close we are: if you're voting for trump, unfriend me." And that was the first post I had made on facebook after being inactive for two years lol.
the thing about me is, I respect other people's opinions, everyone thinks differently and that's fine. what bothers me is people shove their opinions up someone else, and only what they want matters. it's so stupid lol
I subscribe to the philosophy that opinions are like buttholes... we all have one, they all stink, they're all full of crap, and it's funny when you hear one... ㅋㅋㅋ
@RobertMarsh Not ALWAYSSSS funny. Some opinions are just rude!
Different opinions are fine, as long as they r focused on the facts. For me it's still kinda unreal to see trump running for president, good luck my US friends, I'll watch the election closely... with popcorns lol
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