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Alright guys, I'm a little (VERY) embarrassed for writing this card but I need evidence to prove to my friend Edison Wang is the ultimate buff. Unless you're under the rock you should know everyone is talking about this 'hot' swimmer, Ning Zetao. So, here's a side by side comparison of the two hunks.
Cover photo: Left ( Edison Wang), Right (Ning Zetao)

No Smile Face

The White Dress Shirt

The White Tee

Let the voting begin!

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Definitely BooBear Edison
a year ago·Reply
@biancadanica982 @Scheherashared I'm super late but I finally realized which character from Oh My Venus you were talking about. I see the resemblance!
a year ago·Reply
Thanks for all the votes guys but my friend still thinks I was being bias with the pics lol. Maybe I was for one or two. Ning is actually good okay. I just have my eyes on Edison for his manly vibes.
a year ago·Reply
Edison Wang. @Scheherashared you are talking about Sung Hoon.
a year ago·Reply
Edison!!! Lawd!!!0
a year ago·Reply