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Alright guys, I'm a little (VERY) embarrassed for writing this card but I need evidence to prove to my friend Edison Wang is the ultimate buff. Unless you're under the rock you should know everyone is talking about this 'hot' swimmer, Ning Zetao. So, here's a side by side comparison of the two hunks.
Cover photo: Left ( Edison Wang), Right (Ning Zetao)

No Smile Face

The White Dress Shirt

The White Tee

Let the voting begin!

Edison Wang he is a natural buff and his jaw line馃憣
edison, nice natural buff
heh, yea, @cindystran . and ye @biancadanica98. the boxer. we only watch online, so I don't get to pay attention on the names.
@Scheherashared lol I think I know who your thinking of from Oh My Venus, it's the boxer character who also plays in Noble My Love. @cindystran I choose Edison Wang, looks totally buff and attractive.
@biancadanica982 @Scheherashared I'm super late but I finally realized which character from Oh My Venus you were talking about. I see the resemblance!
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