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Do you love to own your relationship or is the relationship your own to love? This is what we should be asking of ourselves and of others. Loving to own a relationship is a selfish desire and not one that is made of Love. It's like a diamond ring, a flashy car, designer clothes, a fancy house, money in the bank, the catch holding on to your arm. A relationship that's your own to love is a gift from another to you. It is unconditional. It is a sweet smile, a caring hug, a friendly look, soft spoken words, a listening ear, sharing thoughts and a giving heart. What is your own to Love is always free. It doesn't come at any price yet it is the most precious gift of all. So I ask you, are you giving, are you receiving, is it unconditional?. . . Or are you taking are you wanting, has it conditions? "If all is Love and Love is in you, I'm loving you too"
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