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Anime Kissing Game 💋

I was tagged to commit hell by @amobigbang so here I am! Ugh! Do you people not realize how much anime I watch and how much overflowing my house would be if I could bring ALL of my husbandos out of the screen?! Gah! *sigh* This is going to be hard! 😫

How to play :

Basically name 10 people you would kiss, then tag 10 other people to play the game too.

Rules :

1.) If your tag then you have to do one. 2.) It could be anybody. (real//fake) 3.) Make sure you include what movie//anime they are from. 4.) Have fun and keep the game going.

And my top husbandos are.... *drumroll*

Ikuto Tsukiyomi😼Shugo Chara!

He is my number one! I love him so much!

Karma Akabane🔪Assassination Classroom

This boy right here is the reason I started Assassination Classroom! (stayed for the feels) OH MY GOD I love him!

Gajeel Refox🔩Fairy Tail

Honey there's be more than kissing 😈

Kuroo Tetsurō😼Haikyuu!!


Greed💰Fullmetal Alchemist &Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I don't care what body he is in, I love this guy! (Spoiler warning on Brotherhood past pic 3)

Xerxes Break🍭Pandora Hearts

This guys is a fucking troll that's creeping under your bed, and I love him!

Uta🎭Tokyo Ghoul

What can I say, I like the weird ones!



Alucard💀Hellsing & Hellsing Ultimate

Yes, Alucard.

Zero Kiryu🔫Vampire Knight

He's my first anime crush from my first anime so he will always have a special place in my heart.

Honorable Mentions:

There was nothing that said I couldn't so here's the ones that didn't make the cut, and that I'd if someone was about to go yandere on my ass.
Tomoe-Kamisama Kiss Kurama Shinjirou-Kamisama Kiss Kiba Inuzuka-Naruto Toshiro Hitsugaya-Bleach Kyo Sohma-Fruits Basket(manga better) Staz C.Blood-Blood Lad Amaimon-Blue Exocist Mahiro Fuwa-Zetsuen no Tempest Izaya Orihara-Durarara!!
Hmm...I'm an honorable short of a new card...oh well! These are my pics! Hope you enjoyed! This is why I never have space on my phone 😝 Now.... Tagging! @GraceByrnes And all the people I really talk to on here have already done these so I'll grab some people I've clipped a lot. Sorry but gotta tag @Angelina1 @Lushisushi @KalyanMadoori @hikaymm @neevp @saori99 @tayharl8920 @InVisybll @Tylor619 Have fun!
@Gibbous1992 definitely!
@SarahSutcliff agreed, but that's what makes him freakin awesome. Lol
@Gibbous1992 Yes! he is creepily kawaii 😊
And Uta is adorable.
Sesshomaru, Greed, Zero, Gageel, YES!
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