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So I was tagged by @AimeBolanos to do this card originally made by @amobigbang here. What am I doing?


1. Use your screenshot button to get your results. 2. Make a card sharing your results. If you don't have time just comment your results on this card. 3. Tag me to your card if you make one. I'm @amobigbang. 4. Tag your friends So here I go!

My Husband!

Mmmm. Me gusta 😈

What Am I?

Hell yeah!

Where do we live?

Looks interesting

How's the sex?


How many kids?

That's 2 too many in my opinion, but hey that's what we get for having wild sex 😏😏😏😏
So this one was short and fun! Now time to tag: @GraceByrnes @OtakuDemon10 @watermage Go here for your results.
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thanks for playing!
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