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Everyone is stressed out (more than me) once in a while bc of school. I'm stressed out bc of my passport day (open house or whatever tf u call it) is on September 1st (JUNGKOOKIE)
Anyways I'm here to help (once again) to cheer u up! these videos makes me kinda cringe and break down a bit cuz of ot12 and EXO having hard times (notice: this is not just EXO) Here r some videos that help me 'Cheer Up' (HA TWICE a bit
23 EXO trailers. I recommend u having some tissues and a tub of ice cream
4. ot12.......ot11 on Happy Camp GAHHHHH (tub of ice cream needed)
5. Markson on ASC its soooo cute thoooo
6. Baek's abs Y'all thought it was over...
7. Yugyeom dances.... yeah from 2 years ago to now thats all for now.... CHANBAEK ABD MARKSON IS REAL bye.