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Sorry, I was in the hospital yesterday, but I'm back, so let's do this xD So what is my favorite attack used in anime, and most shocking anime moment.
Saitamas serious punch. This attack was freaking amazing, you could see the punch split the clouds at least have way around the world. I guess you could say it was the punch heard around the world. (I don't have much time so only one for each today sorry)
The mega ultra plot twist in One Piece when, Spoilers, YOU FIND OUT SABO IS ALIVE!!! LIKE HOLY CRAP!!!! @OtakuDemon10
@OtakuDemon10 lol yeah I'm okay, we thought I broke my ankle but it ended up just being a really bad sprain, I have to be on crutches for a week or two but other than that I'm okay xD n yeah one piece get pretty intense later on, and yeah I agree, Saitamas punch was awesome xD
oh I do to hope you're okay! I'm nowhere near that far in One Piece, but Saitama's Punch is awesome!