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I really wanna do a steven universe cosplay because I've gotten so attached and obsessed with Steven Universe^-^
Option #1: Lapis Lazuli I really like lapis and I love her design, she's definitely one of my favorite characters( I can't pick a top favorite lol). I feel like I won't need a lot for her cosplay so it may be pretty easy for me, but should I paint myself blue of just stay as my normal skin color?
Option #2: Amethyst One of my other favorite characters^-^. I love her hair, it's kinda like mine and her outfit outfit seems simple and comfortable. Would I just attach the gem to my chest with eyelash glue or paint it? Again I ask the question of, do I paint myself or stay as is?
Option #3: Connie I think Connie is really nice and very dedicated to being her best and I really like that about her. With Connie Idk if which outfit to wear of hers honestly and if I should purchase her pink sword to add to the cosplay or not.
Option #4: Rainbow Quartz I love her design sooo much, but I'm slightly worried at how the costume would fit on me, I love it but I'm just a little self-conscious about it. I think it would be an interesting challenge to try to paint the second pair of eyes on my cheeks, but I think I can do a decent job.
Thank u so much if u read thru my card, sorry if I rambled. Plz vote in the comments for which option u think I should go with or give some suggestions and advice if possible. Bye
Amethyst i love her so much
I think it's totally up to you if you paint or not!! Of course a lot of cosplayers do for both SU and for homestuck, but I don't think its necessary. If you pull off th eoutfit well, it'll look great with or without painting alllll of your skin lol XD
Rainbow Quartz