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who wants to watch B.A.Ps finale concert? I for one can't wait to listen to the new song they will perform!
this concert is going to be crazy!! I can't believe how many songs! this will be my first time going to see B.A.P so I'm very excited.. and for the first time I want to take you there too!

Join me live at the venue sunday 12:00pm korea time ( u.s time-9,10'11 am) ! I will stream live on my Facebook page: miichi in korea: to show you guys everything you usually don't get to see about the concert! https://www.facebook.com/events/1082038858548653/?ti=cl

after that you can watch the show live on the Vapp with chemi beat coins! http://m.campaign.naver.com/vliveplus/en/event/chemibeat-bap.nhn

I will make a YouTube channel soon, for now I hope you guys can join me at the venue! please follow the page for all things Korea! also if you want to join in events like monsta x fanmeeting, Bigbang 10 anniversary and more!

@Miichi That's good it's always better to go with someone. I can't wait for That's My Jam to come out . I already preordered the album
@destiny1419 =) sure I'm happy for once I won't be alone
Yay thank you so much I'm sad that I didn't get to see them when they were in the US I probably won't get to see my bias group for a while. Hope you have fun
I am so jealous and also really excited for you. This is amazing! I hope you have a completely amazing time and be sure to tell us all about it.
@destiny1419 awesome! since I'm goin there no current money lol concerts are expensive! lol
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