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Ch, 17
Miss. Kim’s POV
I noticed that Takuya seemed distant, constantly spacing out not paying attention to anything. When talking to Casper and his other friends he wasn’t as talkative as usual. I thought I’d grab him at lunch and see what’s going on.
“Hello beautiful.” Casper said with a smile, distracting me from my thoughts, I smiled at him and my eyes softened at the sight of him, I was happy to see him.
“Good morning Casper, how are you today?” I asked.
“You smiled at me! YES, finally, an actual sincere smile.” Casper was excited. I palmed my face in my mind.
“I’m friendly Casper of course I would greet you with a smile.” I tried to play my reaction off, but Casper seemed to see through me. Shaking his head and moving closer to me.
“I know it was sincere, I know you like me, and I can wait for you, I only have a year. Will you wait for me?” Casper asked me.
“Seriously you’re a kid, you’ll forget me in a year, move on. I’m just some crush to you.” I answered.
Casper just smiles and winks at me before heading to his seat.
Thankfully the class was quiet and by lunch time as Takuya was about to leave.
“Takuya come here please I would like to speak to you about something.” I called to him, Takuya looks up at me and nods his head.
“What’s going on? Your distant today, did something happen between you and Shin?” I asked him bluntly no reason to beat around the bush. Takuya looks at me and I swear he was about to cry.
“My father, he’s in town, he beat up Shin.” Takuya explains. My eyes grow wide from surprise.
“I thought your father was in jail?” I asked. Takuya nods his head.
“He got released. He shouldn’t be here, but he is and he’s demanding he wants mother to come back to Japan with him. But Shin was around and I guess Father was spying on us and knows he’s my boyfriend and beat him up.” Takuya continues.
“Is there anything I can do? Does your mother need anything, if she wants I can come over and stay or she can stay at my place for a while?” I reply.
“Thanks Miss. Kim, I’ll ask her when I go home today. I would like it for her to stay with you until I can take care of the situation.” Takuya replies. I nod my head.
“Miss. Kim, would it be a problem for me to leave early? I want to see Shin in the hospital.” Takuya asked me. I nod my head yes.
“Yeah, go ahead I know how much he means to you and we are just going to go over things for the test next week. Just look over your notes everything will be over that.” I explain to him. I come around the podium and hug him tightly. “Everything’s going to work out, I’m here for you, I love you, my little brother.” I whisper in his ear. We pull apart from our embrace and Takuya smiles.
“Thanks Miss. Kim.” Takuya said and then headed out to the office to request a leave of absence. I started to pick up my things not noticing Casper was standing at the door.
“You’re really a great teacher Miss. Kim.” A voice from the door came suddenly surprising me. I dropped my things on the floor.
“Oh, you startled me.” I said.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Casper said as he came running to help me pick up my things.
“It’s okay. I just was startled.” I reply.
“Takuya is having a hard time being away from Shin, I feel bad. Shin’s his other half.” Casper explains. I nod my head in agreement.
“Yeah, Takuya told me what happened.” I tell Casper as he hands me my last notebook Casper’s hand touches mine, he wraps his hand around my wrist pulling me into him my eyes are wide from the shock of his actions, but my body is on fire. I pull away, and I see Casper is smiling from ear to hear.
“Finally got the chance to get close to you.” Casper said with a smile. It wasn’t a smirking or evil smile it was an honest happy smile; I knew from it that he’s not kidding which worries me even more.
“You can’t do that Casper, I’m your teacher I’m older than you.” I try my best to speak sternly to him, he just chuckles at me bowing his head and then looking back into my eyes. How I wish I didn’t look at his eyes.
“I’m serious about you, Miss. Kim, this isn’t a game for me. Wait for me okay.” Casper said as he places his hand on my cheek, I do my best not to lean into his warm touch, my heart on the other hand is screaming to not let him go.
Casper and I leave the classroom, he walks me to the cafeteria, before leaving to find his friends.
Casper’s POV
I found my friends at our regular table, but no sign of Takuya I only figured he went to visit Shin without saying bye to us. Yongseok and Seyoung were sitting next to each other and Sangmin was sitting across from them.
“Hey Casper!” Seyoung waved me over to the table, I smiled and nodded my head. I sat next to Sangmin when I reached the table.
“What’s up guys!” I asked them as they fed their faces with food. With stuffed mouths all in unison they replied with “Nuffin.”
“Where’s Takuya?” Sangmin asked. I looked at him.
“He probably went to see Shin and won’t be back for the rest of the day.” I explained. We all ate and talked as normal so lunch flew by pretty fast.
The rest of the day went pretty fast. Class was over and I walked up to Miss. Kim.
“You going to check on Takuya’s mom today?” I asked her. Miss. Kim nods her head as she gets her things together.
“Would you like me to go with you?” I asked her. Miss. Kim shakes her head.
“No that’s fine Casper. You get home and study for me okay.” She replied with a smile and patted my shoulder. I turn around and before she reaches the door.
“Kiss me.” I say to her. She stops in her tracks and turns around.
“Excuse me, don’t you think you’re being a little too forward?!” her voice shirked. I chuckle.
“If I pass this exam I want a kiss from you.” I explain seriously.
“Look Casper, I can’t you’re my student.” Miss. Kim replies as I walk towards her, I can hear her voice trail off. At first she tries to push me away but I wrap my arms around her and press my lips against hers and press my tongue on her lips asking for her to open she does and before I know it she’s kissing me back. Her body relaxes and mine as well, it’s then she pushes me away and slaps my face.
“How dare you do that.” She said as she turns on her heel.
“I’m sorry.” I tell her. “Please wait for me after I graduate. I just wanted you to know I’m serious.” She’s about to say something but refrains and just turns around and walks out of the room.
wtf the last chapter ik i caught up on, is that Takuya and Shin were together wtf happened im lost confused.....nvm....nvm....i just re read it
Miss. Kim is the home room teacher as well as a best friend of Takuya's. Casper is crushing on the teacher. The teacher is like Takuya's sister they've known each other for years their families are friends...sorry if it's confusing