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Chapter 5
I feel heat on my eyes, I place my hand over them and slowly open them. A warm breeze brushes over me. I find myself lying on the ground under a weeping pine tree, which seems oddly familiar to me. I sit up taking in my surroundings. The tree is near a pond, just like the one at my home. I look around and I’m surprised at what I see. “Where the hell am I?” I ask myself. I stand up and as I hit the grass off my clothes I look down to see I’m not wearing my samurai uniform.
There’s a black parcel on the ground, I pick it up and rummage through it, I pull out papers, I look them over. The top says CROSS ENTERTAINMENT CONTRACT FOR EMPLOYMENT.
“What the hell is this? Some sort of shogun? What about Master Sato?” All these questions come flooding to my brain. As I read further it states I’m in a boy group CROSS GENE. At this point I am beyond confused but I figured if I’m going to get any information and find a way home to what’s normal. I’m going to have to see what this Cross Entertainment and Cross Gene is all about.
I stuff the papers back into the parcel, and start heading in the direction to reach the road. Once I get there, there I’m surprised at all the non-horse carriages I’m seeing.
“WATCH OUT!” I hear someone scream at me, and I turn my head to see a girl on a carriage, more importantly were her eyes, I knew those eyes anywhere. “Y/N?” I said, before she reaches me I quickly move out of her way, she comes to an abrupt stop and gets off her carriage running towards me.
“Are you alright? I’m sorry I didn’t see you, I’m not used to riding this thing and I – “Y/N stops talking when she looks up into my eyes, I see her eyes grow wide with surprise. A smile graces her face, as does mine. I grab her and hold her tight.
“Thank god your alive!” I said as I held her. I pull away looking her over, I can’t believe she’s here alive in my arms, standing, warm, not cold.
“Takuya! Am I dreaming? Am I really dead?” she said as tears started to fall. I quickly wipe them away.
“You’re alive, you’re not dreaming, it’s really me.” I reply with a smile. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here but I don’t care right now Y/N is healthy in front of me and that’s all I can ask for.
“What are you wearing?” she asks; I look down at my outfit.
“I have no idea, I’m really not sure what’s going on.” I explain
“Me either, it’s weird.” She replies, we start walking and talking.
“But what are you riding is it a carriage?” I ask, Y/N shakes her head.
“No, my Aunt calls it a bicycle, or bike for short.” Y/N explains to me, I just nod.
“How did you get here?” Y/N asks. I shrug my shoulders.
“I really don’t remember, it’s blurry.” I replied.
“I woke up in a house, with a woman who looks and acts exactly like my Aunt.” Y/N explains, we come to a stop in front of a building. CROSS Entertainment.
“I’m not sure what this place is but apparently I work here.” Y/N said, I look at her surprised.
“Really, me too apparently.” I reply. We look at each other with confused expressions. Y/N let’s out a big sigh.
“Are you ready to find out about this place?” she asks me, I let out a sigh and nod my head.
“Well, I have no choice since I’m here and not in the past.” I explain, I can tell she’s nervous I noticed she was rubbing her thumb between her thumb and index finger. There’s a pressure point that if you apply enough pressure it is supposed to help calm you. I took her hand and intertwined our fingers.
“I’ll protect you.” I tell her, she grips my hand tightly and nods her head.
“I know you will, I trust you.” She replies with a smile. We take a deep breath and let it out before heading into the building.
After putting the bike up Takuya and I walk into the lobby of the building, there were a group of guys talking to some people, one of them caught Takuya in his sights and comes running towards us.
“TAKUYA!” The guy shouts. The other guys turn to see what was going on, and when they saw Takuya they yell and come running.
“Where did you go after dropping off Y/N, you never came back to the dorm.” A man with black hair asked, as he was probing Takuya’s body. Takuya took his hands and pulled them off.
“I’m fine.” Takuya responds to their questions.
“See Shin I told you he would be alight.” A man with blonde hair said.
“I know that Seyoung, but you know how I worry about my Takuya.” Shin said as he wraps his arms around Takuya’s waist and hugs him. Takuya is confused by this but lets the guy do what he wants. I couldn’t help but smile a little. Takuya looks at me with a sneer and sticks his tongue out at me. I couldn’t hold it back after that, I began to laugh that’s when we heard someone call out my name. Takuya’s hand lets go of mine immediately.
“Y/N!” I hear a man call my name and I turn around. I don’t recognize this man at all, he’s wearing a pinstriped suit with glasses, he has jet black hair, medium eyes, with a slim oval shaped face.
The man comes towards me and hugs me tightly, my head resting on his shoulder, I don’t feel comfortable in his arms, my body tenses up. I break away from his embrace.
“You fainted yesterday are you feeling any better?” The man asks me, I nod my head in response.
“Yes, I’m fine thank you.” I reply.
Takuya’s POV
I immediately recognized that voice when I heard Y/N’s name being called, I instantly let go of her hand, praying he didn’t see it. I turn around to confirm my suspicion. “It’s Master Sato!”
“Thanks Takuya for taking care of my fiancé yesterday when she fainted.” Sato said. I bow my head to him, and watch as he drags Y/N away. She looks back at me with a scared expression on her face, I just smile and nod my head.
I look back at Takuya he nods his head at me so I’m assuming going with this stranger is alright, if it wasn’t for Takuya’s smile and nod I wouldn’t let this man drag me away.
“He called me his fiancé how is that possible? I’m not his fiancé!” This man grips my arm and pulls me closer as we walk towards something with sliding doors, we step inside. I move to the far left corner.
“Are you really feeling well?” The man asks me.
“I’m really fine.” I reply, the man comes closer to me and places his hand on the back of the mirror.
“I’m glad you’re feeling better, maybe we can have dinner tonight?” He asks me.
“I’m sorry I’m having dinner with my Aunt I promised I’d cook dinner.” I reply. The man steps back and turns around.
“That’s right I forgot you still live with your Aunt. I can come over?” he replies; the doors open of this metal box before I could answer him a woman comes in.
“Good morning Mr. Sato.” She says as she bows to the man. I’m surprised when I hear his name.
“That’s Master Sato!” I thought to myself, I clear my throat and the lady looks in my direction and bows but doesn’t say a word to me. I bow back and shyly say “Good morning” my voice trails off. I hear a sound come from Mr. Sato and a smile crosses his face. I wasn’t sure if he was laughing at me or the woman next to him. I didn’t really care either.
“Where is Takuya?” I whisper to myself.
“Did you say something Y/N?” Sato asks. I shake my head no and saved by the dinging of the metal box made the doors open. Mr. Sato, and the woman gets off first.
“Aren’t you coming Y/N” Sato asks. I quickly leave the metal box running into Sato. He wraps his arms around me.
“Still afraid of elevators.” Sato said with a smile. I just nod my head. So that’s what that metal box is called. He lets me go and I follow Sato into a big corner room and it has a beautiful view of Edo or Tokyo is what it’s called now. I felt like I was in a tree and could see the whole city.
“Wow!” I said a little too loud, because Sato heard me and walks towards me.
“Impressed with the view? You act as if you haven’t been up here before?” Sato said.
“It’s just sometimes I forget about how beautiful the view is.” I reply quickly. Sato nods his head and walks over to me wrapping his arms around me from behind.
“The view is pretty, but not as beautiful as you.” Sato whispers in my ear, before he kisses me softly on the neck. I’m sure that any girl would see Sato and fall in love with him, he is very handsome and so far, kind, but I can’t help myself from feeling uncomfortable around him. In my head I’m screaming for Takuya.