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Me : "My father cheated on my mother, did you know that? " " Everyone thought they had the perfect marriage, but he cheated." " And then after a few decades, he will die, but I couldn't even be mad at him." p.302 So many times she feels this way... Mom: " I gave hime everything! Two beautiful children. Her and his heart, every hour of the day devoted to that family." " I realize. I hate this. I hate my Ugly Face of Crying, hate the sobs that rip our of my throat, hate that my daughter is mad at me because I shows my anger, sadness, and repeated stories to her." p.301 " One piece of tails makes me throw away everything that's good in their lives just for.. for what? For sex? Is sex really that important that you'd screw over your wife and children and make me feel like dirt? Like I am stupid and unimportant?" p.302 Maybe, he could think like this... Dad: "Couldn't she give me another chance? " p.301 Mom: "Can you honestly forget that your husband lied to you, over and over and over..." p.301 This is the hidden truth of the person who wants to cover and who I love mostly in the world. Ignorance is bliss? or Should a secret need to be uncovered? We might have to choose what the best way is not to give hurt anyone, even though it's not gonna happen nobody get hurt. Reference: Kristan Higgins. "If you only knew". 2015. published by arrangement with Harlequin Books S.A. photo by Raymond Cauchetier