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ahhh nooo! I can't!! this is all so much for a multifandom girl! first monsta x, then vixx is throwing the new images today and now the release for this mv!!! my heartu!!!
soooo? did you like it??? the video is vibrant and fun! just in time for summer! I love the colors and vive the mv has.
I love multi scenes... now this makes me want to see the performance and choreography for the song.
Wooshin has been my bias from the start! and even tho I miss his dark hair, this blonde look had me swooned from the moment they showed us the teaser photos... who are you excited to see???
honestly.. hottest summer ever!!! literally!!

fine kpop world! you win! bring it!!!!! )=) new tag list! that's why no current tags, if you want to let me know or just follow the collection for all things kpop =)