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Rules: 1. Screenshot each of the gifs 2. Check what you got It's easy! Comment what you got :)
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@AlittleJoy I'll do this when I get better wifi haha
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@AlittleJoy I got Suga, dating website, the movies, a train, my soft hair, food, he gives me a piggy back ride, RM is jealous, and he awkwardly asks me to be his gf haha I got cute results!
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@EverieMisfit I'll make a card when I'm not feeling lazy lol
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Date with JK: We met via dating website 馃槷 and set a date at the beach. He picked me up with a train 馃槀 My mac & cheese bought his heart 馃挊 & we talked about our favorite books~ At some point, he gives me a bear hug. Fast forward and the date ends with him singing me a love song 馃挄 Hobi was jealous 馃槒
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jimin likes me, we met by dms and went to the arcade. he likes me cause i make great mac and cheese while we talk about namjoons haircuts and kookie is jealous... i wanted rap mon tho馃槏馃槪
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