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So as we have seen more recently on Vingle are these fun Screenshot Games! But the more I see them the more I notice that they are mainly made for girls and kind of leaving the boys out of the fun/equation! So I made some gifs letting the Boys and Girls have fun together!

The game stays the same xD

Screenshot your result's and make a card or Comment below! And feel free to tag me Id love to see you guys have fun with something I made! (#TheGifs xD)

So without a further a due.... Let's Play!

Your Girlfriend!

Your Boyfriend!

Your Guild!

Your Magic Ability!

Your Best Friend/Friends!

It's not my first making gifs but this is my first time making this type of picture gif so please forgive the oddness of the different pictures \TuT/ ( If this game turns out good then I will make an all different anime version for everyone to enjoy as well!)

I hope you guys play and enjoy this so that now the guys can play too!

Tagging! (Feel Free to tag!)

Girlfriend : Levy Boyfriend : Gray-Sama ♥︎ Guild : Savertooth Magic Ability : Ice Make Mage Bestfriend/Friends : First time I did it I got Sting, Rogue and Yukino Second time I got Ultear. They both make sense though. (๑¯ω¯๑) Thanks for the Amazing Game Aime. (ノ>ω<)ノ
@watermage Omg Nice! xD Im glad you enjoyed it Honestly thank you for starting the Screenshot game craze!
gf: wendy:D guild:sabre tooth friend: juvia
I like mine! boyfriend: Natsu fairy tail guild Ezra's magic (the knight) best friends: Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, and Erza
Bf: Gray Guild: Fairy Tail Magic: Fire Best friends: Natsu. Lucy and friends
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