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NARUTO Shippūden character info General Name: Jamaru Age: Pre-shippuden: 12 Shippuden: 16 Species: Human Gender:Male Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Blood Type: B Birthday: August 22 Personality: silly, self-centered, loner, chilled, lustful, seeks approval by everyone Good Trait(s): trustworthy, Bad Trait(s): rushes due to emotions Like(s): joking around, making people laugh, Dislike(s): Hobby(ies): drawing, fighting Fear(s): death Strength(s): Superior hand signs Above average ninjutsu Weakness(es): Inferior genjutsu Below average endurance Personal Quote: History: Maru was trained in taijutsu extensively to so he would grow up to know strength and be able to protect anyone he needed to. He's learned self discipline while keeping his fun energetic side. After taking ranking jonin and learning scorch along with his brothers magnet they began to hunt rogue's to earn money taking the names 'black and white salamander'. Clan Info: clan native to sunagakure and specializes in making herbal medicines such as pills and gases for enhancements and healing. They have the dojutsu known for being able to see thermal signatures and draw in sunlight to regenerate chakra (slowly) Clan Name: Symbol: three horizontal lines; top halved History: tba Specialty: hand seals Jutsus/Techniques: tba Kekkei Genkai: Scorch Status: unknown Clan Appearance -Skin Tone: mixed -Markings: n/a -Hair color(s): two toned hair -Eye color(s): brown~hazel Looks and Appearance Body Type/Looks: smooth face, pupil-less brown eyes, broad shoulders, not too muscular or thin, Height: Part I: 5'9 Part II: 5'11 Weight: Part I: 140 Lbs Part II: 164 lbs Makeup/Facepaint: None Hairstyle(s): asymmetric bangs, two toned hair, Accessories: Scent: Scars or Tattoos: n/a Jewelry and/or Piercings: n/a Relationships Parent(s): n/a Sibling(s): n/a Relative(s): n/a Best Friend(s): Rynzetsu Friend(s): n/a Sensei(s): n/a Student(s): n/a Crush(es)/Spouse/Bf/Gf: n/a Rival(s): n/a Enemy(ies): n/a Pet(s): n/a Favorites/Least Favorites Food(s): orange chicken/ anything burned Drink(s): water/ sake Color(s): blue/ indigo Season(s): summer/ winter Time of Day: evening/ morning Weather: sunny/ heavy rain Flower: Animal: Red panda/ snake Ninja Information Birth Village: Sunagakure Current Village: Sunagakure Academy Graduation Age: 12 Chūnin Promotion Age: 15 Rank: jonin Ninja Status: citizen Are you in the Akatsuki?: no Bijuu [Tailed Beast]?: no Teammates: Rynzetsu Sensei: N/a Nindo: Chakra Element: Fire, Wind Weapon(s): tanto [2], katana, chakra blades [2], shuriken [10], kunai [10], explosive tag [10], wire [30 meters], medium scroll [2] Jutsu's Substitution jutsu Clone technique Sexy jutsu Revers harem jutsu Body flicker jutsu Fire style: flame bullets Fire style: fireball Fire style: great fireball Fire style: searing migraine Wind style: wind cutter Wind style: great breakthrough Wind style: gale palm Wind style: pressure damage Earth style: mud wall Earth style: earth spear Earth style: sand clone Scorch style: extreme steaming murder Scorch style: incinerating flare -Skills- Ninjutsu: 13 /20 ​Genjutsu: 7/20 Taijutsu: 10/20 Chakra: 11 /20 Summoning: 10/20 Fuinjutsu: 7/20 Bukijutsu: 5/20 Blacksmithing: 5/20 Medical Ninjutsu: /20 Puppet Mastery: /20 Sensory: 22/20 Barrier Ninjutsu : /20 Chakra absorption : /20 Kenjutsu 9/20 Bojutsu : /20 Jujutsu: /20 Nintaijutsu: 8/20 Shurikenjutsu: 6/20 Kekki Tōta: /20
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