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I was tagged by @amobigbang @SarahSutcliff @AimeBolanos and @PRoxx05 So here's what I got!
My husband Um, who dis? He's sure cute, but if someone could identify him and point me to his anime, I'd sure appreciate it! (-_-;) UPDATE: Now that I've been educated, this is Inuyasha. I still have yet to see this anime, which I hear is awesome, but it's a high priority on my list!
What am I... I'M A PRINCESS! *(^o^)*
World we'd live in Looks like Alfheim, maybe? I think I'm okay with this! Does this make me a Fairy Princess?
Sex Life Sounds fun!
# of Kids *dead* nuh-uh, I'm tying my tubes after 3! Wait, can these be my collection of characters I've mentally adopted? I think that list would include Yukine (Noragami), Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom), Armin Arlert (Attack on Titan), Wendy Marvell (Fairy Tail), Crona (Soul Eater), and probably soon Izuku Midoriya, since I've finally gotten back on Boku no Hero Academia, and he's just too adorable! I wouldn't mind having those 6 kids!
And I think that'll do it! This was fun! If you wanna play, go to THIS CARD and follow the directions! Tagging some nakama! @AimeBolanos @alliepetey @assasingod @biancadanica98 @BlackDragon88 @CandyApple22 @choppabelle @DemonAngel522 @fairydemon15 @hanetama @hikaymm @HiwaRasul @HunnaBallue @JasmynAnchondo @JessicaFerrier @jevonlowery @KageTsuki040910 @kazam98 @KennyMcCormick @KiNg4LiFe @kouvarisb @KurosakiJess @LuffyNewman @midnitestar421 @MissStrawberry @msfancysunshine @NikkoNikole @NikolasSatterwh @nimm14 @otakukpoper @ovvhr @PASCUASIO @RazChaosRender @SAMURXAI @SimplyAwkward @SuperWolverBat @TakamiRen @tayhar18920 @Tylor619 @ZephyrBlaze NOTE: @amobigbang is planning to make another version for those of you that prefer girls, if you wanna wait for that one, rather than trying this one. I'll probably go ahead and do that one for shits and giggles anyway, personally! XD UPDATE: HERE'S the alternate version I just mentioned! If you wanna see my results to this one, too, HERE IT IS!
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I would have to figure it out.
@BlackDragon88 I might be able to help, depending on your device. Or there's always the almighty Google
@OtakuDemon10 Nah, I'm good with Electronics, I figured it out a little bit ago. I only found one method though.
@OtakuDemon10 thanks though.