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Que tal peeps!

You all are asking for the opposite version of this game. Luckily I did half last night and I could finish the rest during lunch. I'm so happy everyone liked the first version. I was afraid many people would ignore it low key.

This version is for those who like females plus added something a little different.

PG 13


1. Use your screenshot button to get your results. 2. Make a card sharing your results. If you don't have time just comment your results on this card. BUT IT MUCH MORE FUN TO MAKE A CARD. 3. Tag me to your card if you make one. I'm @amobigbang. 4. Tag your friends
What you are.....
Your element
Place you all will live
Love Life
Number of children....
don't yell at me <°< me tablets about to die and I haven't eaten at all so I'm famished anyhow I got Minerva as the wife Warrior as what I am Fire is my element A Dark gloomy place is where we are Sex is average and 3 kids I will make a card as I like to make cards but can I eat first? thanks
@ZephyrBlaze thanks for playing